Destructoid: First ever hands-on with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Stepping into the world of Skyrim is like stepping into Oblivion, the way you remember it in your imagination -- forgetting the small details that kept it from achieving more.

In Skyrim, a strong swing with a battle axe feels right, jumping in third-person doesn’t defy the natural laws of physics and dialogue sequences flow naturally. All of these are incremental improvements that make exploring Tamriel feel exciting again.

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bjh0892480d ago

dark brotherhood returns thats all that matters lol

yamzilla2480d ago

"Not to mention there was a substantial lag in movement when in third-person."

obviously as it was a console version, please, let's see the pc version in action, the one that will run and look the best....when I go to an auto show, I don't go there to look at family sedans, I wanna see the high-end sports cars!

Dovahkiin2480d ago

Or it could be because it's a pre-release demonstration version of the game?