Forbes: Why Major League Gaming Is Thriving While Pro Sports Are Struggling

Even before the lockout, attendance was down for the NBA. And Major League Baseball parks continue to struggle to attract fans. The days of sold-out NASCAR tracks throughout the season are over. But while many professional sports have suffered amidst the poor economy, pro video game players continue to cultivate the growing number of gamers who are tuning in for every event of the Major League Gaming (MLG) pro circuit.

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buddymagoo2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Football or soccer - what ever you want to call it, is BOOMING! Forbes you are out of touch.

evrfighter2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Dont know what forbes is smoking but nba viewership ratings last year was at the highest point since the jordan era

Oh its not forbes...its just a blog on forbes

WombBat2204d ago

Im a big fan of MLG, and im glad to see it expanding as rapidly as it is. Keep in mind this league was created less than a decade ago.

I bet our kids will be all talking up MLG one day.

clearelite2204d ago

I would rather play a video game then watch sports personally. I don't watch Major League Gaming though.

omi25p2204d ago

There is less money involved and everyone can try

KwietStorm2204d ago

Exactly. There isn't any big secret. I don't know how this would even be brought up. I obviously love gaming since I'm on this godforsaken site, but there is a LOT more at stake in pro sports.

Dlacy13g2204d ago

LOL...this is comical. MLG is not anywhere near the level of real pro-sports.

Impaler2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Forbes also forgets to mention that MLG was out of money and needed a sponsor and that is the only reason why the PS3 is being used for Black OPS, not to mention it pissed off a shit ton of the community because they are all Xbots.

MLG has Halo, that is it. It is trying with SCII and that is going somewhere, but pro gaming will never take off in America like it has in Korea(which everyone is trying for) or Europe.

That is just the way our society is built.

KwietStorm2204d ago

If EVO became more of a seasonal thing, I'm sure it would do well.

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