Saints Row: The Third Preview (PlanetXbox360)

You want lunacy? THQ is giving it to you. On the heels of so many Grand Theft Auto clones (and its own first two entries in the series), the game publisher, working alongside longtime developer Volition, has decided to try something new with Saints Row: The Third, the latest chapter in the ongoing gangster saga. Rather than attempt to take itself seriously and waste gamers’ time by establishing characters, it’s taking the other route, going with so much over-the-top action and silliness that it’s in a league by itself. You know you’re in for a crazy game experience when your character starts slapping people around with a purple sex toy. The plot isn’t the deepest when it comes to a game, but it’s serviceable.

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kamakaz3md2514d ago

goty competitor... in the list of like 10 others... man theres just to many gr8 games this year... reminds me of 2007 : )

Cmpunk2514d ago

saints row wont win goty, it's a good game but no where near goty contendor.

kamakaz3md2514d ago

im pretty sure bf3 will get it... but i think the closest thing after that should be deus ex 3, uncharted 3 or skyrim... just imo... and saints row 3rd will be good... but ya most likely wouldnt win goty of course... jus sayin its gonna be a gr8 game basically

Micro_Sony2514d ago

Skyrim hands down.

This game will blow people away.