Bioware: In The Old Republic “every player gets their own personal Star Wars trilogy”

Bioware has been talking up The Old Republic some more, discussing the scale and storytelling of the ambitious MMORPG.

Director of production, Dallas Dickinson, has touted the “several hundred hours of gameplay” on offer per class, which ensures “every player gets their own personal Star Wars trilogy.”

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FlashXIII2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

And I can see for this very reason, why this game might fail in quite a few respects. MMOs aren't about feeling heroic and all that.. while WoW arguably succeeds to a degree but the sense of feeing awesome kind of goes away when you're surrounded by thousands of others who are just as awesome.

RIP SWG.. SOE knew what made a good mmo :(

wallis2421d ago

Wow... that's a lot of star wars trilogies for George Lucas to rape.

I hope he's stocking up on Monster or Red bull or something cause he's gonna need his fluids.

Jocosta2421d ago

Now that was funny, and true.