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TheBeast2539d ago

I would rather have the game polished then have a shit game come out early.

disturbing_flame2539d ago

We forget sometimes that Jaffe is a good game designer.
He loves what he is doing, when i rememeber God of war on PS2 i remember a game that raised the bar on the console.
I think that Jaffe can do the same work on twisted metal and make not only a really cool game to play but a definitive hit on PS3.

clank5432539d ago

Definitely. Plus, Oct. 4th also has Batman AND Rage coming out which arguably are bigger titles. Honestly, this game is going to need breathing room to be successful and hit it's true stride. Good decision, Jaffe.

sikbeta2539d ago

Better be this way, the most polished as possible, I prefer to wait than be disappointed, I want more freaking explosions and destructible enviroments, come on Jaffe, I know you can do it...

FACTUAL evidence2539d ago

YES! I'm sooo happy Jaffe is holding this back! I loved how the graphics looked but when I saw it I ust knew it needed more polish to the game. I'd rather the game be close to perfect on the 2012 release, than a freaking wad of updates taking proportional amounts of HDD space. Rock on Jaffe, Rock on!!

raztad2539d ago

Cant say I'm glad cause I'm not. TM was the title I was looking forward the most for the rest of the year. It sucks.

Well, it is gonna be Journey + ICO collection and depending on reception R3.

nycredude2539d ago

No Uncharted 3 love? Who cares about R3 reception? All videos and news so far indicates it will be awesome and best in the series!

raztad2539d ago

I know what you mean. R3 is looking to be awesome, but by reception I meant fellow PS3 owners's. R3 can get a 6 for all I care in press reviews.

I like U3 but it is not on the top of my list, besides U3 has a sizable fanbase so it´ll do well w/o my purchase. Gotta get some lesser known gems.

jwatt2539d ago

I was not expecting this game to come out this year, I mean they just announce it this E3 and it was still in the early stages.

Ducky2539d ago

"Gotta get some lesser known gems."

Confirmed hipster. :D

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crematory2539d ago

"A late game is only late until it ships. A bad game is bad until the end of time"

on your face duke

BroGamer2539d ago

I'm personally glad that this is the case. A better game all round should be released.

Dart892539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Yea we already have BF3,Arkham city,KOF 13 etc coming out that month so this was a smart move on their part.Who knows maybe this will give them time to release a public beta^^.

Edit:once again Raven talking out of his @$$-__-.

BroGamer2539d ago

It does open up a whole realm of possibilities. You're right, with such a saturated release window this fall/winter with AAA titles it would be hard for a reboot to get through too. Its a good thing that the game can be fine tuned and be more appealing. Hell, we'd only complain if the game came out and wasn't polished.

vickers5002539d ago

I'm glad too. I mean, Twisted Metal was probably in my top 3 most anticipated games to be released this fall, but there are SOOO many other AAA games coming out that this lightens the load on my wallet and doesn't force me to make painful decisions about which game to buy over the other which is going to have to be based on reviews, seeing as how most of the titles interest me equally, I have to have a deciding factor to purchase one over the other, and unfortunately reviews and reception are those deciding factors.

Now with Twisted Metal I don't have to worry about that, and it will give me time to play other games. This tidal wave of great games incoming kind of pissed me off anyways, they should spread it out more evenly.

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MasterCornholio2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )


Oh wait early 2012 plus polish is good very good

Eazy-Eman2539d ago

Thank goodness! Way to many games coming out sept-dec and now I can save up for it in 2012

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