SystemAddict: In Diablo's Shadow

Even though Hellgate: London isn't what I'd call a deep or rich role-playing experience, it does capture the quick hack'n-slash gameplay that has kept me up many late nights into sunrises playing Diablo II. My forearm still aches with the faint beginnings of carpel tunnel syndrome when I think back to the days of the original Diablo, which required one click per sword swing, destroying a handful of mice in its wake. But it didn't matter because I was hooked like millions of other players. This was role-playing made easy. No figuring out complicated die rolls or sorting through sheets of statistics. There were just our characters, their spectacular powers, tons of gear and loads of demonic forces climbing over each other to rip us to shreds. Add in free online play through, a huge deal in the 90s and even in....

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Charlie26884051d ago

Damn there are many RPGs to play in one hand we have The Witcher(Dark mature RPG), the other we have Hellgate (bastard son of Diablo 2 with WOW) my foot I have Loki (yes cuz I have to satisfy my hunger for Diablo like games somehow)

so many little money >.>