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Walmart Selling 3DS for $170 Early

There is a rumour floating around saying that Walmart could drop the price of the 3DS from the $250 to $170 two days before the price drop is intended to go into affect. (3DS, Nintendo DS, Wal-Mart)

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ksense  +   1572d ago
now that would really be a slap to the early adopters lol. if true I may be tempted though. been a long time since I played any Mario or Zelda games. good ole game boy days.
Baka-akaB  +   1572d ago
It's a self inflicted slap then . However long or short it might be , if you are an early adopter you have very little right to complain about any subsequent price drop . You chose to be first .
LOGICWINS  +   1572d ago
Bubbles. You really couldn't have said that any better.
ABizzel1  +   1572d ago
This is a really good deal, but the problem for me is I want a 3DS with a better battery life (aka the 3DS lite), and if you buy this then the games are said to be tied to the 3DS you buy, so will I be able to move them over to a new 3DS lite is my question.
darthv72  +   1572d ago
I'm with you. I know i can xfr games i purchased through the dsi and does that make those games inoperable on the dsi when I do that? I can see if you save the games you dl to the sd card and you take the card out of one to put into the other. That part is obvious.

Yet games stored internally should be playable from both. If you got a 3ds and tied your purchase history to that one and dl those games then no reason they shouldnt both work. In some way it is like game sharing but to the same account.

The whole early adopter slap to the face thing....that is standard in anything you buy. If you want to feel that way then so be it. I see it as good things come to those that wait. The $170 price is what I paid for a dsi and said if the 3ds hits that mark then count me in. So guess what...hi ho hi ho, off to walmart i go.
n4f  +   1571d ago
its not about early adopter. the ambassador programe is about people who bought the 3ds before the price cut. if you buy a 3ds with the price and and you get 20 game free than its a slap and a giant finger to early adopter
Baka-akaB  +   1571d ago
Except it kinda is . Whatever the deal , there will always be someone who just bought something days before a price cut was announced .

And that's not your problem , if you are indeed an early adopter ,if someone is getting extras you didnt get . YOu had the advantage of playing it earlier , if you care about that ... while they gets incentive to come , as with every consoles .

If being first doesnt seems like an advantage to you , then dont be first
vglulz  +   1572d ago
Anyone who's been waiting for the price drop should head to Walmart and give it a try. Those 20 games should keep you busy until some good games come out.
Rrobba  +   1572d ago
So you can buy the system for $170 AND get the 20 free games? That's an awesome deal. I can't imagine early adopters are that happy about this, though.
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ashbc  +   1572d ago
I am definitely getting a 3DS now.
jacen100  +   1572d ago
what?? $170 that is about 105 british pounds, why cant we get it for that price over here its still £150.

$170 is well under half of what the psvita is gonna cost over here , nice move if u ask me
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ashbc  +   1572d ago
I don't know whether ASDA, as part of Walmart, will even have the deal. If so though I am definitely getting a 3DS. I've been lucky enough to play Super Mario 3D, Mario Kart 3D and StarFox 64 3D and they were awesome.
hgoodman03  +   1572d ago
Well that seals the deal. I will certainly be getting the 3DS now, was thinking of getting one anyway after they released they were doing a smash bros. game on 3DS but free 20 games and $70 off is too good to ignore.
Duki2Lime  +   1572d ago
Personally, I'll just wait for the inevitable "lite" version that will have increased battery life, brighter screen, slimmer design, and lighter feel than the current 3ds
pushstartmedia  +   1572d ago
charmer  +   1572d ago
great job by walmart..
aviator189  +   1572d ago
Wow, I'm surprised they'd sell it at that price so early. That's probably a sign that the 3ds is still selling poorly. I hope things turn around due to the price cut.
Stealth2k  +   1572d ago
the 3ds isnt selling poorly

Outpacing the ds by at leats a million units sold worldwide
RaidensRising  +   1572d ago
Clever marketing and it's good to see some people here taking the bait. I'm not bitter you get the same benefits as me because the more 3DS owners the better in the long run.
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_Empath_  +   1572d ago
I want Megaman Legends 3. That was the only 3DS game I wanted.
ashbc  +   1572d ago
Join the campaign!
zeal0us  +   1572d ago
There should be a button/option that say "I wish" or "One can only hope"
hintonmj  +   1572d ago
I was wondering, would places honor a price-drop guarantee, like at Best Buy, if you buy it from them within 2 weeks of the price drop, get your free games and then go back to the store for the difference once it goes into effect?
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kma2k  +   1572d ago
Best buy has a 30 day return policy, if you have your recipt you can take it back within 30 days & get your money back. Then just buy a new one for the cheaper price.

I bought a 360 a couple weeks back & asked the guy in best buy that question about on the off hand there is a price discount in the next couple weeks, thats what he told me to do.
RaidensRising  +   1572d ago
The free games will be tied to the console.So if you take it back you'll lose the free games. Unless they actually hand you the difference back rather than a new console and refund.
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clearelite  +   1572d ago
They realized they wouldn't be able to make huge profits anymore like they did with the Wii for quite a while. If it was selling very well, the price would have remained the same. I really like this device though and if more hardcore games roll out, I will pick one up. An affordable lite model with more games would probably seal the deal.
Stealth2k  +   1572d ago
they said sales up to this point have exceeded expectations but if they wanted to sell 16 mil this fiscal year which is insane. The 250 price wouldnt have cut it
jaymart  +   1572d ago
Great deal if true

Gotta buy that Batterie Pack that doubles the batterie tho.
MasterCornholio  +   1572d ago
No one forced the early adopters to buy the 3DS at 250 euros. If they are complaining about the price drop they only have themselves to blame.

Anyways that deal is pretty good at best buy. The only problem that i have with the current 3DS model is the screen design (scratches easily) and the fact that the battery life is poor for a Nintendo handheld. I am pretty sure that in a year or 2 they will release a 3DS lite that will resolve those issues.

Battery life : http://www.geek.com/article...

Screen Issues : http://techcrunch.com/2011/...
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nano88  +   1572d ago
what a piece of shit system lol nintendo 3dsucks
jacen100  +   1571d ago
what a clown is that u in the pic? i would hide the rest of that face ahahahahaaa
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L6RD7BLU3  +   1572d ago
I may reinvest into a handheld again, I'm thinking about it.

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