More Diablo Than You Can Shake Wirt's Leg At

Diablo III has been causing quite the storm of controversy this week as Blizzard released details about that game that have some fans in a tizzy. Read on for that and more game industry tidbits.

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BubbleSniper2515d ago

misleading. i saw nothing in there that indicated my wirts leg would fail to swat all that Diablo

*transmutes leg* *enters the dragon*

Relientk772515d ago

Wirt was a mean kid, he charged some insane amount in the first Diablo, then in the second hes dead and money pops out of his body like almost endlessly lol. Then you get his leg and its a weapon with sockets lol

BubbleSniper2515d ago

and you can transmute the leg with some scrolls and i forget what else? and it opens a portal to the secret cow level

Relientk772515d ago

That's also why the leg is aweosme

Secret cow level!!!!

fun times