Qualcomm hopes to make game consoles obsolete

Technology advancement is a path, rather than a destination. Unfortunately, the road is long, rocky and has no speed limit.

Qualcomm demonstrated that this week when they showcased console quality games on smartphone hardware. Now, they don’t have a PC or game console business to protect, but they are in possession of graphics technology acquired from AMD/ATI.

Qualcomm hopes to make game consoles obsoleteThe company evidently plans to use the tech to "obsolete" current-gen handheld console initially, and traditional game consoles eventually.

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liveActionLeveler2540d ago

What a devilish thing to hope for, it's fucking disgusting!

Stealth2k2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

what a fucking ass.............he doesnt have the gamers best in mind

graphics are not as important as controls, depth, content, quality

something original mobile games dont have


but they cant for the reasons I said

And do you really want that? The amount of original games more than cut in half?


Ducky2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

... but it's what they're trying to do.

If my phone can double as a console, what's the problem? Devs will just make games for it instead, and I might ultimately save some money.

EDIT: What reasons did you say?
They're working on improving controls... whereas I don't think depth, content, and quality are related to hardware as long as the hardware itself has the necessary specs.

Ranshak2540d ago

Qualcom need not worry about making consoles obselete.

8800GTX already did that back in 2006.

MaxXAttaxX2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

None have succeeded.

Crappy keypads and touch-only suck.
No, your phone can't double as a console. It doesn't have the games or controls.

sikbeta2540d ago

They better hope to make batteries last more than 3 to 5hs of extensive use...

Ducky2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

"Crappy keypads and touch-only suck.
No, your phone can't double as a console. It doesn't have the games or controls."

They aren't saying that consoles are obsolete right now because there are issues with mobile gaming (which the article also honestly states).

However, if they improve the controls (which they already knew is an issue and working to improve them), as well as allow for external controller support for home usage, then they essentially trump modern consoles.
Instead of buying a handheld and a console, you can now just buy a good phone that can serve those functions. Play it on the go, or hook it up to your TV + controller for the big-screen experience.
Not entirely unlikely in the future.

GrandTheftZamboni2540d ago

I don't mind on which device they try to provide the console quality gaming: smartphone, camera, watch or a fridge. Until they do, I'll play on a console.

Saladfax2540d ago

Think of it this way:

Currently, I can run an SNES emulator on my Droid X2. I can also use, for example, a wiimote as an external controller. My phone also has an HDMI-out port.

I can, feasibly, plug my phone into the wall and my TV in order to play Super Nintendo games. This is a very basic example, as the hardware in smartphones is pretty damn high. See Infinity Blade running the Unreal engine.

Now, would it be so terrible to not have these very specific plastic bricks? Games would be made to be run on tablets, laptops, PCs, even smartphones with the ability to hook them up to external peripherals (keyboards, controllers) and even your bloody giant television.

BattleAxe2540d ago

Never going to happen. I don't know why some companies and people think that everyone wants to play games on a handheld device. When I'm at home, I've got a 46" Sony Bravia to play games on......Hmmmmm tough decision.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32540d ago

I couldn't find anything quoted from Qualcomm except the word "obsolete", and that was towards what the author of the article said was "dedicated handhelds". Anyway, there is no way you can do any of that stuff, unless the companies of those consoles go out of business. Exclusives are what keep these types of devices thriving. Nintendo pioneered both of those things for 20+ years. Do you think you'll get rid of them that fast? Don't get me wrong, I like iOS and android gaming, but as long as the 3 big console companies make exclusives, they're not going anywhere.

MaxXAttaxX2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

That's a big "IF" right there. And no one knows when or if they'll but analog sticks, D-pads and responsive face buttons.


And I could run a Super Nintendo emulator on my PSP which is over 6 years old. In fact, it could be ran on almost anything.

Again, it's not about power. You don't have the proper controls to play a game on your phone.
As long as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft(?) are around, I don't think so. Maybe for the casuals.

miyamoto2540d ago

Powerful high end PC's has been around for decades and they did not make any dent on the dedicated console industry.

In fact it is the likes of the Xbox, PS3. PSP & Vita that is evolving ^ converging to be like these tablets and smart phones and PCs.

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dangert122540d ago

Qualcomm hopes to make game consoles obsolete
Dangert12 hopes qualcomm become obsolete

nothing personal i just never brought a 1080p HD projector 7.1 surround sound so i could play games with a lack of depth and on a small screen

and surely after abit of use we will be sat next to the wall with our plugs in the socket playing our games fuckem

aquamala2540d ago

just like current gen consoles are "good enough" for many not to get a gaming PC. in a few years gaming on smartphone will be "good enough" for most. the market for dedicated gaming consoles will be a lot smaller.

ATi_Elite2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )


They already soon as consoles started doing online gaming, they virtually became low end PC's.

Ducky2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

You kinda just summarized one of the article's paragraphs.

"One of the changed realities we face this decade is the slow realization that tablets and smartphones are PCs. Step by step, they are moving into areas where PCs and PC derivatives like gaming consoles and media centers used to be."

Though I wouldn't say consoles doing online gaming was a bad thing. Otherwise, they'd be even inferior than they are now (although, we might've had better single-player experiences like the previous gens)

ATi_Elite2540d ago

Consoles became obsolete when they got Internet connectivity. Long gone are the days of just plug n play on a console like a SNES, Neo Geo, Turbo GFX 16, or Genesis.

I say gone because when you plug a console in today the first thing it's gonna do is want a firmware update and want you to make an account and blah blah blah. Games now have patches, DLC, and updates just like PC games and some even require an install to the HDD.

So my reason for saying consoles are obsolete and or dead is because the plug n play aspect of consoles is gone and todays machines represent low end PC's more than they do consoles.

that's all i'm sayen.

vickers5002540d ago

Not really. Most games still don't require anywhere near the amount of setup needed for a pc games. A little bit less than half of games require (large) game installs, but even then, it ends there.

With a lot of PC games, you have to download, install, fix one of the very common problems that seem to pop up with quite a lot of pc games, configure the graphics to your machines optimal settings, and THEN you can play. Most console games you simply pop in, download a very small patch, then start playing. Then the other percentage of games that have installs only take like 10-20 minutes to install, but that's still much less time than it takes to download a full game, so I disagree with you when you say consoles are more like low end PCs.

ATi_Elite2540d ago

@ vickers500

Hey thanks for proving my point even though you were simply being a console fanboy.

I compared today's game machines (ps3/360) to consoles of the past SNes genesis etc. and showed how they are different meanwhile you brought up a bunch of rubbish about PC Games and totally tried to avoid the similarities for the sake of Trolling, Fanboyism or stupidity.

But you basically confirmed that every thing you do to play a game today on a PS3/360 is pretty much the same as playing a PC game although 360/ps3 are low end PC's thus requiring a slightly less process where as PC are High end thus having more options and flexibility to DO MORE.

Sure you can download a PC Game (faster than you can go to the store and buy one) but install takes like 3 minutes and the game can read your system and set optimal settings for instant play. Patches are automatic (or manual) so actually PC games are really easy to start.

it only gets complicated when Enthusiast Gamer like myself really want to push our hardware to the EXTREME but even then that's pretty easy. As far as the one common problem that pops up.....Nice how you make shite up, please explain the one problem that pops up. I never have problems cause i keep my registry clean

and why do you compare a 10-20 minute console install to downloading a full PC game? PS3/360 are cheap PC's and consoles are gone....get over it!

DLC, Installs, Firmware updates, patches are the same operations that PC's have ALWAYS had and now ps3/360 have them and next gen they get Driver updates, KB/M, and always on Internet connection to work.

zero_cool2539d ago

What hell are you talking about consoles have always had computer components & online gaming on consoles has been around since the 16bit era with the sega channel for genesis & xband for both snes & genesis & satellaview for snes available in japan only where the hell have been lmfao!

kma2k2540d ago

The day a smart phone can handle HDMI output at 1080p 60fps with blutooh conection of my headset for phone calls (it s a phone afterall) & blutooth for a physical controller I wont be using touchscreen on my phone for a 5 hour gaming sesion of Mass Effect or other RPG game let alone FPS. I will be interested. Could this happen? Yes but anytimes soon? I sincerly doubt it. To be honest i like the idea of a all in one but whats the old saying Jack of all trades but King of none. How good exactly would the phone be or the OS for the console built into a phone doing so many things. Serisouly the battery life would be 5 minutes. There has to be a serious upgrade to batteries before this is ever really truly even considered.

sikbeta2540d ago

They go for the "power" right now, but forgetting that games can be more than just a quick $2 mini-game, Imagine trying to play a 60hs RPG in a tiny display with cramped/unresponsive (touch-screen) controls and worrying about the damn thing shutting down by itself because the battery is low...

Shackdaddy8362540d ago

I actually happen to work for Qualcomm. You would be surprised how fast we are going with portable tech. In a couple of years we will probably be able to play games at the same graphics level as the PS3 and Xbox 360.

zero_cool2539d ago

Give it up the mobile tech isn't advanced enough to even come close to matching the playstation 3's total processing power,speed,flexibility & capabilities

death2smoochie2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

@Zero Cool

"Give it up the mobile tech isn't advanced enough to even come close to matching the playstation 3's total processing power,speed,flexibility & capabilities"

You are actually correct...for now.
If you look at the road maps for Nvidia and Qualcomm you will see mobile chips coming out by mid 2012 and 2013 that are actually quite faster than the PS3 and Xbox360. Moreover they will be put into mobile systems with more ram than the PS3 and Xbox360.
Logan and Stark mobile Tegra chips for example will be released in 2013/2104 and based on that architecture those will be faster than the PS3/Xbox360.

"The baseline reference point is Tegra 2, which NVIDIA expects Stark to outperform by a factor of 100x."

The real true barrier for mobile tablet/cell phone gaming are the controls. This is where console/PC gaming has the edge on cell/tablet gaming.
As for power? It's coming. Look at the road maps.
Hell, at the end of August 2011 and near the end of 2011, Kal El is released for Samsungs Galaxy III Super Phone and other Tablets.
Kal-El has more GPU cores than the Vita and will have 1gig of memory or more. That's how fast these mobile chipsets are moving. The Vita is not even released as of yet and the Kal-El chipset is already more powerful based on raw numbers.
Battery Life and controls are also another big barrier for mobile gaming with this kind of power and heat dissipation these new chipsets will have.
But you can see where this mobile gaming is going.
I can see these super phones and Tablets streaming the contents to a capable HDTV and using wireless controls via Bluetooth etc.
Will this happen soon? Most likely not. Will it happen eventually? It will.

aquamala2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

battery life would not be an issue because you can assume when you hook up a smartphone to hdtv, it would be required to hook up to AC power as well. just like your game console.

kma2k2540d ago

@Aquamala while yes that is true, i would just assume people would use it as a mobile gaming option as well, hence the battery problem. Smart phones now just using for internet & phone barely last 5 hours, imagine powering a gaming consle. Not to mention phones have problems now if you use them while plugged in the plug can be dammaged, i imagein a console game phone would be moved around constaltny especially if being used for mobile & not connected to a controller

aquamala2540d ago

We are not quite there yet, but not hard to see a few years from now we can hook up smartphones to tv, and use a Bluetooth console-like controller. Looking forward to this. Why buy a 300 console when you have a smartphone that has games that look as good?

cervantes992540d ago

unless they come out with a 52" phone that can play games like Gears, Uncharted, FPS's or any other big blockbuster with precise controls then I will be interested.

Oh, and would anybody really pay $60 for a game on a phone? To have big blockbuster games takes a lot of development time and money - can't sell those games for $.99 - $4.99

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