PS3 Move-capable Star Wars game would humiliate Kinect

Product-Reviews writes: There is nothing worse than knowing that the Xbox 360 Kinect will be getting a game that for some will do much better on the PS3 Move. One game that comes to mind is Star Wars, the Move controller would be a better choice. LucasArts should take a look at Sports Champions, as the gladiator game shows that Star Wars on the Move is very possible. The PS3 Move-capable Star Wars game would humiliate Kinect's offering.

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The Meerkat2516d ago

Just like Kinect fitness and Dance games humiliate the Move.

danswayuk2516d ago

Spot on, certain games are better on the different motion controllers. So why is Stars Wars not on the Move first, in fact at all?

fluffydelusions2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

I've been wondering where there has been no star wars game for move since move was first announced. Seems like the perfect match.

The Meerkat2516d ago

But the Jedi Mind Trick would feel more realistic with Kinect /s

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gamingdroid2516d ago

I think that the saber fights would be pretty good with PS Move, but what about all the other features? The force, the pod racing....

2516d ago
Iroquois_Pliskin2516d ago

lol Meerkat keep enjoying your family oriented games

Why o why2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

gamingdroid......that would be buttons dude plus the navigator. Easily done

Its a shame and irony that a dancing game is the only type of game so far that people tend to use against moves functionality. Move has more genres covered. If a game was made from the ground up im sure you'd get a different experience altogether. Deciding what would be better would be pure speculation on my part

@ those that disagree

What features of the kinect starwars games couldnt be replicated from the footage we've seen. Force push, button or stab motion like sports champion. Movement...too easy, jumping , button. In fact the game probably wouldnt have to be on rails. if you feel otherwise be do share some of your wisdom. A disagree doesnt mean what im saying isnt valid

fooltheman2516d ago

the pod racing is very easy to do...
use the move as a steering wheel is possible...
Jedi powers can be done with the move too...yes you won't do it with your bare hands...
but the star wars game I saw ...didn't look like fun

fr0sty2516d ago

jedi powers will work fine with move, and you won't have to wait a half second to see them either. swordplay will be better with move, movement will be possible with move (no more on rails crap)... it's just better suited all around for move.

darthv722516d ago

just because it can doesnt mean it will. Cool idea but then again it is the same idea with the wii. A star wars game using the wiimote could be just as interactive as a move version.

Thing is, they are trying to make a game WITHOUT such things. MS and lucasarts are doing this deal. Not sony and lucasarts.

buddymagoo2516d ago

Let's be honest the Move is perfect for Star wars. It already looks like a decapitated light sabre and it can change colors. Who wants fitness games other than flabby men and mums?

gamingdroid2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

"Its a shame and irony that a dancing game is the only type of game so far that people tend to use against moves functionality. Move has more genres covered."

Well, if you look at the type of games out, they are all controller based so it is no surprise then that PS Move covers more genre. After all, it had 5 years of history with the Wii.

How many PS Move games are specific to PS Move's own features? Stuff that can't be done on the Wii or be better on the present controller?

If it there isn't then it is redundant!

Point being that it isn't about if it can be done, but does it make the experience better? Certainly dance games can be done on the PS Move or Wii, but it certainly is better on the Kinect. So yes, the saber routine is better, but the force push isn't. You can press a button move your PS move around, but it isn't as good of an experience is it....

Kinect brings something new to the table, something people haven't been able to really explore due to technical requirements and I think it will take some time to iron those issues out. It just hasn't had 5-40 years of evolution.

I think Kinect shows a lot of promise when you see a lot of ideas being presented. It means it has potential and I take potential any day over known quantity. It might pan out, it might not, but so far there are plenty of stuff coming for Kinect and I don't feel under-supported when I plunked that $100 down.

Razgriz182516d ago

@ gamingdroid:

Force Push could easily be done with the Move in a similair way as with Kinect. Just hold a button to active the Force and then jab your controller forward. Same idea, probably even reacts faster then Kinect.

Star Wars Kinect will probably end up casual junk. I hope I'm wrong but that's what it looks like.

And where is this so called 'potential' you talk about? For dancing games, Kinect is ideal. But most of the stuff we've seen is Eyetoy like minigames. Have you seen the video of someone playing a shooter with Kinect? How is that immersive? Pulling the trigger is like pretending you're a Dragonball Z character. I hate to bust your bubble, but Kinect will probably never become more then dancing games, minigames, and some optional gimmicks in big titles (Forza walking mode and steering etc).

I've played KZ3 with the Move, and I can tell you, after you get used to it, it's very accurate. Forgive me for almost quoting Kevin Butler but we need buttons to play most genres normally, whether you like it or not ;)

SilentNegotiator2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

Fitness and Dance?
*Sells Move and nav, buys Kinect*

Now if LucasArts gets their heads out of their rears and actually DOES it...

metsgaming2515d ago

lucasartsis complete trash this generation. their decisions are terrible they rather make forced unleashed instead of battlefront 3 and make a kinect game instead of on for move. people are begging for bf3 and they release garbage no one wants

baodeus2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

@why o why?

Can they implement dual saber wielding for PS move while allowing you to move freely?

An example is like Rise of nightmare for example. where u can still move around freely(might still be a bit clunky) but you can dual wield and such.

Oner2515d ago

What certain people so oddly forget is that the PS Eye can do the same basic kind of Camera based movement recognition as Kinect BUT has the added benefit of using the PS Move for REAL precision and dual wielding in this scenario.

Win = PS Eye being able to do what Kinect can do along with the PS Move adding an additional level of capability/accuracy that the Kinect CANNOT match.


Bull5hifT2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

Bill Gates, Goerge Lucas ,A Suitcase ..... Full Of Donuts & Lost Hopes and a few gay Nude Fakes of Star Trek Characters ,II Seal Da Deal

Bull5hifT2515d ago

I See Metal Gear Rising Would be Perfect, cause you always gotta stop and shoot in MGS, so Stop And Slice the Living Hell out of Fruit Ninja with 1:1 move animation..... If that doesnt happen , Metal Gear Rising..officially lost all my Interest

DaTruth2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

It should be obvious by now why there is a Kinect Star Wars game and no Move Star Wars game... Because Microsoft paid them not to do a Move game.

That's what MS does; pays people to not make games for others, so people who don't buy their console lose enjoyment, holding us hostage with our favourite franchises!

Sony pays other people to make additional games, lets everyone have their favourite franchises and then tries to sell you on there massive library of games on top of that.

Sorry, not trolling, but I just hate that MS does that!

kneon2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )


No it wouldn't. There is a very significant difference between he Move and Wiimote that many people overlook. With the Move the game can keep track of where the controller is even when it's not pointed at the TV. If the Wiimote is not pointing at the sensor then the game can only know the orientation, speed and direction of motion, but not where the controller is in space.

damnyouretall2515d ago

i would like to see a lightsaber kinda like the move sharpshooter. that would be fkn awesome. but will never happen :(

Why o why2515d ago

@ baodeus

Dude, you cant even move freely on the kinect version. Its on rails with simple left right forward backward flip gestures with. That is NO WAY free roaming. With move you'd probably have to give up the duel ls unless it too was on rails so what would really be the difference there other than accuracy in moves favour. With 1 ls and free movement plus buttons you can create a more complex/core type star wars game that gestures and body tracking cant replicate yet and probably never will if we're being honest. Why do you think all the games are so simple. Like i said, from the ground up the move version would be different and probably more wouldnt need to be on rails for starters

baodeus2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

@oner and Why o Why

Kinect star war might still be on rail true, i'm not sure, but i did give example that you can move around in rise of nightmare (it is free movement, not on rail), plus other kinect hack videos (L4D, Dead Space for examples) show that you can move around freely using kinect. They can make it freemovement for star war if they want as well (but maybe they op for on rail instead, don't know). If you still say those videos/games aren't proof that it can do free movement then i don't know what else to say. I mean u guys can go look it up on youtube right, or do i need to post it on here for u as well?

So i'm asking, can you move around using 2 PS move (not navigator) with the eyetoy, in answering to your question about what kinect can do that PS can't. Are u saying you can face the eyetoy for the motion gesture or do you have stand sideway for it to "possibly" recognize your movement gestures? Can ps eye detect in 3D plane as kinect?

Now Unless sony turn the move and navigator into one single device (which is very unlikely), do you think it would be easier to use the move+nav while swinging your light saber wildly, standing side way with your head turn toward the tv so the eyetoy might possibly recognize your gesture and pressing buttons at the same times vs just kinect? I would like to hear your opinion on this matter.

So can kinect do freemovement, yes it can. It is good currently, not yet that is for sure and yes the ps move are more accurate currently. Can it improve or through other method such as implementing virtual buttons in the future? Yes it can (go look up on kinect hacks videos for proof). Think of its possibilities, not its current limitation. If that is what you guys think, how can we ever improve on anything?

Bigpappy2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

If you read the article, the guy really isn't sure it would work that well with the Move: "However, if they were to implement this then Sony had better get their act together and just make those moves a little more precise. When you do the small movements Move is fantastic, but when you make much larger and faster movements things have just a slight lag – maybe that’s why LucasArts went with the Kinect after all?"

I don't know which version would be better. What I know, is that if you want something in your hand, while playing Kinect Star Wars, you are free to grab one of your many wii attachments, even a Move if you have one, and the game will allow you to play that way.

I also know that your avatar is not limited to his hands, so developers don't need to script animations for you.

There are many reasons why developers are more attracted to making games for Kinect. To assume this game will be better with the Move is just speculative.

kinect does more that dance games and the best selling Kinect game has no dancing (Zero!).

guitarded772515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

Am I the only one who doesn't give a crap about a motion controlled Star Wars game on any system? GIVE ME STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 3!!! With a standard controller. (BTW: I own both Move and Kinect).

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JoGam2516d ago

True "ONLY" if you base it on current fitness and dance games. Using the Move and Nav controller gives more options than Kinect. Thats why a Star Wars game (if done right) could be better using Move / Nav.

kneon2515d ago

Plus the Move handles fast movement much better than Kinect. You can move fast enough to get a detectable lag with Move, but it's no where near as bad as Kinect. The Wii seems to be better than either but that might just be because of the extremely limited range of motion available due to the need to always be pointing at the sensor.

Cmpunk2516d ago

imagine a darth vader ps3 with a star wars blu ray collection with a darth vader themed move kit and a star wars move game...

Rainstorm812516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

YES!!!! This is all WIN.... unfortunately we may never see it =-(

thesummerofgeorge2516d ago

A Vader PS3 would be so bad ass. This is a great idea, there are so many bundle/special edition possibilities that lend themselves to the PS3/Move.

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KingSlayer2516d ago

You haven't see Just Dance Wii sales, have you?

KingSlayer2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

I'd think the force powers and pod racing could be pulled off with both Move and a Nav. Especially if force powers can be pulled off by a simple button press. Like in The Force Unleashed set of games.

Sheikh Yerbouti2515d ago

But force push (hand push) and mind tricks (waving hand) are hand gestures. It would be more natural to do them with Kinect. Just like having something in hand is more natural for guns, tennis racquet and light sabers.

The ideal product would be a Kinect/Move combination. I've always said that, and will continue to say Kinect needs a controller.

ilikegam3s2516d ago

hmm too bad i'm not interested in both kinect and move.

Rainstorm812516d ago

yet you found your way in the comment section of a move/kinect article......irony....o_O

ilikegam3s2516d ago


Its an opinion.

SephirothX212516d ago

Star Wars for Kinect looked awful. It was far too basic. Do people actually believe that there will be proper lightsaber fights in this game? Those who do need a brain surgeon quickly. Kinect may have sold well but its only a gimmick. It offered something different than the Wii's motion but it is only useful for a very small select few games. Sales do not mean quality. Just look at the Wii. The best selling but the worst console this gen easily. Kinect has a few cool features like voice commands but they're not worth a $150. With bing being integrated into the 360 dashboard, it even makes Kinect's voice commands less useful. Though if people want to waste their money, they're free to do so. Pew pew pew...

danswayuk2516d ago

As an owner of both, I can confirm both are good for very different reasons.

Tony-Red-Grave2516d ago

but not the playstation eye sooo?

Anon19742516d ago

Yep. Kinect has one good dance game, it's highest rated title. Woo Hoo. And Kinect Fitness is a 7 at best according to the reviews. That's pretty respectable. I mean, it's no EA Sports Fitness 2 or anything (which I understand is awful on Kinect due to it's lack of accuracy).

Wow. That totally justifies paying $150 for Kinect. /s

I really don't understand why someone would, in answer to an article like this, point out Kinect's only well received title and then an average title. All it does is highlight what, I'm sure, Kinect owners already know. There's nothing decent to play on it. Probably why Microsoft started hiding Kinect numbers this past quarter after shouting them from the rooftops before.

testerg352516d ago

Well MS seems to be supporting Kinect like crazy. What about Move?

kikizoo2515d ago

What about move ? hmm just more, and better games available (not only for move, but...better games)

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2515d ago

testerg35: They have no choice but to market Kinect like crazy. They're using it as a cash cow anyway.

SITH2516d ago

Meerkat nailed that. Well said.

BubbleSniper2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

just like ms's pancho party with lagtastic starwars demo that didn't match up with the person moving. lmao

2515d ago
artsaber2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

I agree that the best dance game in my opinion is Dance Central. It is fun for all ages, made very well, and works awesome with Kinect. But there are good selling games like Zumba Fitness that work better with the Move (surprisingly) and some bought the PS3 version because it worked better and reviewed better than the Kinect counterparts. The same holds true for EA Active 2, etc.

But IMO it is inexcusable to not have a Star Wars Lightsaber based game for Move. Heck, even imagine a Ninja Gaiden DragonSword Sigma game. I have no idea what Sony is doing when it comes to failing the Move device like this. Why do the R&D, spend all the money, and then have no exclusive Star Wars, No More Heroes, or Ninja Sword based games for it? The tech is there, this kinda baffles me.

If Sony wants to boost Move sales, bring out a Star Wars based game, with all the graphic prowess it can produce - making it a real blockbuster game. It would be cool to have optional dual wield sabers, control force modes using motion to cast force lightning, throw lightsaber, or levitate on foes.

I could even imagine an online lightsaber duel mode or Co-op just for kicks.

2v12515d ago

what about a good boxing game first!

jneul2515d ago

dance games and fitness games lol, let it be your destiny but for now ill stick to games like killzone with move support miles better thankyou very much:-D

TyrionL2515d ago

Man I know I am going to get slammed for this comment, but f$%k it it's my opinion.

I was with ya'll and the whole, Star Wars Kinect will suck, until I saw a video the other day. I think it might actually be a cool game. I know my son would love it, but I think I might like it too. I will just have to try it before I make my real judgment, but I do think it could be really fun, and to be honest that’s why I game.

On topic: Real who in their right mind would think that a Move light saber game (done right) wouldn't be cool. I mean if they build it from the ground up for Move, and focused on the duals then I know it would be my dream Star Wars game. I wish there was a way to do a Move/Kinect hybrid game, the only problem would be the same problem Kinect has, and that’s moving around (even though the video I saw the other day showed how you move on Kinect). I would just want the Move in one hand for the light saber and to use the force powers with Kinect, no nav controller. Ahh anyway, I think Kinect Star Wars looks awesome, and a Move Light saber game would be the bee's vagina.

Solid_Snake-2515d ago

i already own a Wii and a star wars game, why would i need move. that would be like having 2 Wii's

Just_The_Truth2515d ago

You need to play sports champions the accuracy on move is much better than the standard wii remote.

trollkill2515d ago

Humiliate lol hahaha are u microsoft getting paid? The sony games with added move capabilities shit on kinect on rails lol hames like kz3, socom, sport champions lieterally shit on a poeripheal dedicated to motion control lol wow you guys are delusional at best in sales yeah in quality lol I dnt have to wait two second for my controlled person to move your gay for even saying tht move is a better motion controller by far and ur comment isd laughable at best lol

trollkill2515d ago

are u delusional lol is microsoft payin u? to lie? the sony games with move capability shit on kinect games on rails games like sports champion, kz3, socom 4 literaly shit on kinect and peripheals dedicated to motion control lol u guys are delusional an liars at best in sales bcus of dumb blind fanboyys yes in quality hell noooo i dont have 2sec wait for my controlled person to react yor a bird for even sayin tht move is better by far an we all knw ur tryin to validate ur purchase u lame lol

fr0sty2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

"How many PS Move games are specific to PS Move's own features? Stuff that can't be done on the Wii or be better on the present controller?"

Augmented reality games, even though there are only a couple on the market right now.

trollkill2515d ago

we both knw move games like kz3, socom 4 literaly shit on kinect and peripheals dedicated to motion control lol u lame stop lyin in sales yeah in quality ur lame try again go ply zumba u queer an validate ur purchase elsewhere

Bereaver2515d ago

I wouldn't say "humiliate". They're better for sure, but Sony never talked up move to the point where if someone bests them it's humiliation.

gaden_malak2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

It's a given that any sword fighting game should be made with the Move, especially Star Wars

Use the move controller to use your lightsabre, use the buttons on the Move Controller for force powers.
Use the navigator to move/jump/etc.

Force Unleashed would have been ideal with it, but frankly, any Star Wars game would be ideal with it.

Mystickay862515d ago

It's just meekrat people. Never take his post seriously.

AlienLion2515d ago

If the problem is not having a phalic object in your hand, pick up a stick, a banana, a cucumber, a nonfunctioning ps move even and problem solved.

THC CELL2515d ago

The meerkat. i would get fitter playing star wars

Move is good for my arms when i am playing killzone and socom and mag

What about kinect well i can open and close my gun for a hour on ghost recon maybe that will work my arms
but that wont be fun now would it, maybe to someone who is easy pleased

You do no the pseye can do full body tracking right this has been proven, i guess some of you are really blind.

TheXgamerLive2515d ago

Also, there's about 10x more Kinects out their which equals many many many millions of people more, sooooo Kinect it is:)
You can't argue with the fastest selling item EVER according to the Guiness book of world records now can you.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

LOL, Kinect Fitness and Dance games humiliate the Move? On what planet?

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Septic2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Star Wars would be great on the Playstation Move given the accuracy of the device.

The Kinect equivalent doesn't necessarily have to be the poorer cousin though. If the input lag and the concept were improved upon, Star Wars could arguable be better on the 360 because not only would you get to weild a lightsabre (albeit minus the sensation of holding anything) but also have cool Force Powers which enable you to lift enemies and objects and manipulate them at will.

This is a poor flamebait title from someone obiviously butt-hurt.

danswayuk2516d ago

"albeit minus the sensation of holding anything" this is the big problem with Kinect.

2516d ago
ksense2516d ago Show
TyrionL2515d ago

I though they said you could hold something if you wanted to.

Emilio_Estevez2516d ago

The same things could be done with the move, with more accuracy as well.

BeastlyRig2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

SWTOR makes both piles of family casual fun look meh..

2516d ago
MasterCornholio2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

You cant play jedi academy with kinect. But with move imagine the possibilitys.

On a side note Starwars Kinect looks terrible. The controls seem laggy and highy inacurrate plus its on rails as well. The only on rail games that i enjoy are the ones with the guncon.