Sony possibly shoots itself with revised 3D TV bundle

Microsoft and several developers such as Bethesda seeming lack of interest in 3D might be founded as Sony fumbles around the potential 3D marketplace with its forthcoming entry level 3D TV bundle.

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This is a silly move by Sony and I agree they should do an Uncharted 3 Bundle as well.


Many gamers own Xbox and PS3 so it's fair enough in my view that msxbox-world writes news about 3D which is not unique to PS3 after all. As far as I'm aware the TV will work with Xbox as well.

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Its somewhat logical; a T racing game is an easier sell to parents than an M rated shooter. Problem is, this bundle isn't really targeted towards parents, but more towards gamers. If this included Uncharted 3 it would probably be flying off shelves.

nycredude2421d ago

Not to mention Motorstorm:A is so far the best showcase of 3d I've seen. Obviously alot of people here haven't played it in 3d. The game is awesome.

buddymagoo2421d ago

3D is underestimated by people who haven't seen it in action. 3D + Gaming = the way forward. More immersion more visceral for the sake of a small sacrifice of putting glasses on. Sunglasses never bothered me and gave me a better experience at the beach.

CameronL992421d ago

I lvoe how a bunch of unemployed bloggers with no education think they know better about marketing strategy than people who have been doing this for years. Of course you don't want to put a flagship game in a bundle giving it away for free, unless its a console that's geared towards it like the or MGS 4 bundle. Resistance has a lot to prove given the hype and the myriad of other shooters out there, Sony wants to know if the series still has legs, so of course they're not going to give it away for free.

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It didn't stop you from acting like you know it all.

t0mmyb0y2421d ago

Bundle it with R3 and Motorstorm:A

Bladesfist2421d ago

IS 3D actually that good guys? Im scared I cant see it properly. I heard quite a few people cant. It looks so simmilar

Livin_in_a_box2420d ago

I think there should be multiple game bundles, not just 1 because it's immediately limiting itself. People who already have MotorStorm:A won't want it again, so having a R3, UC3 and other 3D games bundles would be much better IMO.

My problem is that I wear glasses too and I haven't seen anything in 3D at all yet and, while this monitor is looking at me with puppy dog eyes, I don't want to buy it and then find out that I won't be able to even see it properly.

YogiBear2419d ago

3D is only as good as the stereographer working on it.

Drac2417d ago

Livin_in_a_box, I wear glasses, pretty bad in the left eye, I've tried the 2 different cinema 3D's with no issues, apart from the weight of the glasses.

Have yet to try any of the TV's though.

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Dante1122421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Lol, msxbox-world should change their name to pssony-world. This is like the 6th article discussing Sony or the Ps3 with no 360 news from them recently.

Edit: @ Drekken Oh, so you do get Resistance 3 if you preorder the bundle. I see.

Edit2: I'm just buying the TV instead of the bundle. Need a HDTV anyway, 3D is a plus (Movies like The Ring that's supposedly releasing a blu ray in 3D).

pixelsword2421d ago

A stupid move, yes; I agree.

Bait and Switch.

Pumping up the sales of a poorer 1st party IP.

Whatever you want to cal it, it's a bad decision.

P_Bomb2421d ago

You've clearly never played Motorstorm Apocalypse. You'll eat your words when you see it in 3D.

mastiffchild2421d ago

Yeah, I'm NO fan of 3D gaming right now(couldn't be if I wanted as wearing glasses of any kind gives me a headache after about ten minutes)I have to admit that Motorstorm, which I saw pre release at a Sony showcase,is AMAZING in 3D and definitely the best game I can think of for Sony to use to show off the promise opf the idea.Don't see this as any kind of mistake and, also, Resistance3 is a much less family friendly game anyhow. Where's the big mistake here? It's just Sony using the best looking 3D game they have(or the best use of the effect)AND it has the pro of being playable by more members of a family.

3D may be struggling, IDK for sure as the tech's too dear and with many, like myself though for differing reasons(cost, the look, family size making it daft expensive with so many pairs of glasses and kids losing and breaking them etc)hoping and waiting for glasses free 3D at a cheaper price I understand why adoption may be slow right now but THIS is neither a sign or a cause of these things.

YogiBear2419d ago

@ mastiff

It depends on the 3D that you are watching. If it's 3D at an amusement park attraction it isn't really meant to be viewed longer than the attraction you are on. That kind of 3D would give you a splitting headache after 20 minutes because your eyes are literally crossing constantly due to the stereo space shifting. Theatrical and gaming 3D is different. It's much subtler and meant to be viewed for longer amounts of time.

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showtimefolks2421d ago

if this was 799-899 and tv size was over 30inches

but sony should bundle this with a game how about the new ratchet and clank game?

kreate2421d ago

u can always take the resistance3 game and go exchange it for the ratchet and clank game.

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N4G is wack. They remove some of the stupidest comments ever. I bet the MODs are fanboys so when they don't like something said about their console they remove it. Then de-bubble the person who said it. F this site. F**k Bubbles.

Zynga2421d ago

Its a PS3 fanboy site, what else do you expect from it. >_>

rjdofu2420d ago

@Zynga: why so butthurt dude? LOL

YogiBear2419d ago

@ rjdofu

Maybe he sat on a PS3?

50Terabytespersec2421d ago

Are you Kidding only a handful of games I repeat hand Full of games push the level of graphics . Motorstorm 3 does as well as 3d and MLAA and Ingame custom soundtrack , this bundle is heaven!!!

What this articles gripes about is getting free SHISSHT! Typical fat lazy gamer , retard baby gaming loser, Free Free Free. Go work, get your own apartment , get a girl and a life, then lets talk about free.

Ill take a game like motor storm over this(supposed lowdef) Resistance 3 anytime...

kreate2421d ago

i love N4G.
i also love all the people who commented on this article.

whether u are a pc/ps3/wii/xbox fanboy .. u guys give me a good laugh.
bubbles to all of u :D

Ch1d0r12421d ago

Same here, some people just say the most idiotic things ever. They defend pc/ps3/wii/360 like if its they only thing they live for. They will defend a certain game series (ex. elder scrolls,cod,bf) like a young pussy whipped teenager.

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Did you actually read that article?

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Keep hitting disagree... someone deleted the article and reposted it:

Its a preorder bonus, but still comes with the TV. Push disagree... no one cares.

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