New Officially Licensed Xbox 360 Accessory Launches Today

Microsoft Game Studios has subtly launched a new product today, expanding the Xbox 360’s range of officially licensed accessories.

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ironwolf2541d ago

I just bought a new XBox with Kinect. I'll have to keep my eyes open for this.

Solid_Snake-2541d ago

[email protected] disagrees.

how dare you buy an xbox and kinect.

The Matrix2541d ago

Kinect should already come with something like that...

ironwolf2541d ago

All I've done with the new XBox so far (I just bought it last night) is run through the initial set up and transfered files from the one it is replacing (a launch day unit that is still cranking away magnificently). When the Kinect part of the set up started, I only went into it far enough to figure out how to cancel and skip that portion, as I wanted to get the main functionality back online first. What little bit I saw of the Kinect's functionality impressed me a great deal. The avatar it placed on screen for calibration purposes followed my every move without discernible lag. The voice control needed no training! I've worked with voice recognition apps for nearly 20 years, and I've never seen one that worked first time, every time with no training.

I'm looking forward to rerunning the full set up process for the Kinect and seeing just what it can do. It appears that it is a very impressive device.

Bigpappy2541d ago

I already bought this a while back. It is a good accessory. I recommend it.

Sheikh Yerbouti2541d ago

The PSEye has something similar. Hmm, perhaps a patent suit is brewing, and Sony will have all Kinects falling off the back of TV's again. Bwahahahaha.