Catherine: Marketing Success Story or Marketing Foul Play?

"This week, it was announced via Twitter that Atlus sold 200,000 copies of their highly anticipated and ridiculously stylized puzzle game, Catherine. This set a new record for the company in launch sales, and the cake pictured above is the little party they threw for themselves to honor the event."- Shanghai Six

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Tired2361d ago

WTF? At what point was Catherine marketed as 'as a sexual thrill ride'?

The gameplay mechanics are exactly what they were described as by every game site...also there was a demo.

From everything I read about the game it seemed to suggest it was a puzzle game, that would deal with the nature of relationships...with added anthropomorphic sheep thrown in for good measure.

'can we blame them for a blatantly misleading marketing campaign for the general population?'

No you can't! Only the most stupid of people would have bought this game thinking it was hentai.

Del6732361d ago

As a fan of Atlus and there games I must admit the campaign was pretty bad. The majority of images coming from the PR team were of Catherine half naked and most of the time looking like a pin up girl in some fashion. True, most people that wanted to get more details on the game were able to find them if they looked, but most gamers are not like us, the kind that take the time to research a good deal of games and decide which will be a good fit for us. Most gamers are people that just pick up one or two games a month, if that, so they really just look at the adds in GI or splashed around the net, which in the case of Catherine were "hey you! Look at this blonde anime chick that wears next to nothing! Oooh look now she is eating pizza and the cheese is falling all over her, you want that?"

Tired2361d ago

It's still a MASSIVE leap to assume that the game is pure tittilation.

Never judge a book by it's cover...or a game by it's sleeve.