Interview- Bill Stiernberg @ Zeboyd Games

Gaming Irresponsibly got the chance to sit down with Bill Stiernberg of Zeboyd and discuss what it means to utilize Cthulhu in a creative work. Through his terrible power, we both arrived at a place of inner solace and self-reflection… and how Cthulhu Saves the World has impacted the world today.

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Rushing_Punch2394d ago

You had me at Cthulhu...

Good interview

agentxk2394d ago

Thanks, odd that there wasn't too much mention of Breath of Death

Chrono2394d ago

I think they should just stick to Steam for their next RPGs. There's a bigger audience for such games over there.

Xeserox2394d ago

We just posted up a review on his game Cthulhu Save the World, and we are working on Breath of Death review.

Awesome dev team! Great Interview.