Hardware Review - Gioteck EX-02s PS3 Headset (Gaming Irresponsibly)

Gaming Irresponsibly writes: I’ve owned a PS3 since the day the system launched but I have never really owned a headset to communicate with. That doesn’t mean I haven’t used a bluetooth headset on the PS3 but I’ve only used only used ones for my phones. After a while I just gave up on connecting one whenever I wanted to play and just went without. Now Gioteck is having my take their EX-02s for a spin, is it going to change my mind on bluetooth headsets or end up where all my other headsets have?

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Holeran2481d ago

I've used the official PS3 bluetooth headset for years and it has been great. I like the charging cradle and the ability to use it as a room microphone also. Works flawlessly.

mac_sparrow2481d ago

All I can say is I hope it's much more reliable than other Gioteck products I've been around. When I worked in GAME we had almost 90% of Gioteck headsets returned faulty within 30 days of purchase; and don't get me started on the Thrustmaster Run N Drive pads, every single one broke.