Bungie “don’t have any insight” into Halo 4

Bungie have no idea what Halo 4 will be about as all the secrets are “outside the studio now,” says community manager Eric Osbourne – but he’s happy to spoil the ending of Halo Anniversary for you.

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Micro_Sony2356d ago

MS need to keep Halo 4 locked in a vault with only one person having insight. Bungie had a tight team who worked with each other for year. This new studio has alot of newbies and donr know who trust.

Plus we dont want a Gear 3 THING ALL OVER AGAIN.

Raven_Nomad2356d ago

You do realize a lot of 343 is actually original Bungie members right? They have a ton of quality people working on Halo 4, including people who worked on Halo 1, 2 and 3, Killzone 2 and more. So please stop talking about what you do not know.

Cpt_kitten2356d ago

they do have a lot of new people on with them but they also have a lot of the original devs and writers

they also had been working on halo for a couple years now and no one knew till E3 so they have a good team with them

cl19832349d ago

I'm sure bungie has no official knowledge of halo 4, but being that so many ex employees are now with 343 I have a feeling they may get some spoilers before release.

BabyTownFrolics2356d ago

Bungie "dont have any insight" into Halo 4

i'm pretty sure they know master chief is involved

so thats at least one insight

The Meerkat2356d ago

Will they have Marty consulting on the music?

SahFriendly2356d ago

Bungie "Doesn't have any insight" into Halo 4

Bungie Don't have any insight into Halo 4

sounds stupid.

ilikegam3s2356d ago

gee we really need an article on this; i don't have any insight too.