Here’s What The White Knight Chronicles 2 Pre-Order Bonus Items Look Like

Those who order WKC II in advance will receive an exclusive armor set that allows the avatar to wear the armor of the White Knight.

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rebirthofcaos2207d ago

Im angry, got th WKC platimun and didnt got the home custume.

remanutd552207d ago

wow you got the platinum? how many hours did you put in ? anyways WKC 2 is coming out this tuesday no ?

MaideninBlack2207d ago

September 13th according to GameStop and others.

rebirthofcaos2207d ago

like 450+ hours. nope release is the 9/13/11 one month to go. also doing some extra work to pay all the ps3 exclusives for the rest of the year.

remanutd552206d ago

ohh ok i pre ordered it and its paid off already at best and they have it listed for release this tuesday

FamilyGuy2206d ago

I pre-ordered WKCs2 just for this armor, I thought when it said knight armor that it meant armor FOR your knight lol.

Looks sweet though, I have to call my gamestop to be sure I actually get the bonus though cuz they mentioned nothing about it when I placed my pre-order.

WildArmed2205d ago

IIRC, the home costume is linked to the synthing trophy, not he plat.
I had it b4 i got the platinum trophy.

rebirthofcaos2204d ago

I see, but I have syn the tropy list multiple times and nothing.

MorbidPorpoise2206d ago

Shame about the rest of the armor :(

WildArmed2205d ago

hopefully they'll have an armorset u can craft that fits nicely w/ this dlc :D

mac_sparrow2206d ago

I wish this came with my Eu one, my 4 foot tall tank would look ace in this.

banjadude2206d ago

lol, so I'm not the only person who made a midget character XD

mac_sparrow2206d ago

It's cool to be barely taller than a barrel and protect your group from dragons.

ranma68992205d ago

also on facebook the company says sept so best buy wont get till sept