EA will announce new titles at Gamescom

EA confirms that not only will go to Cologne with already presented games like Battlefield games or Mass Effect 3 or 3.

The company will announce new games during the event.

EA has pending announcement to make like Syndicate's remake or a new Medal of Honor.

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ksense2539d ago

some version of mass effect, dragon age, Fifa and battlefield on Vita will be announced at gamescom. You heard it first here folks. There is a reason why EA is quiet on their support for Vita. They want to make a big splash and that will be at gamescom. Like last year with mass effect for ps3 announcement.

Machioto2539d ago

Does anyone know when gamescom begin?

Rainstorm812539d ago

Right i was just asking myself the same

DeadlyFire2538d ago

Its called Google. type gamescom 2011. You get the results.

Kain812539d ago

A longtime ago i heard a rumor that Bioware is working on Jade Empire 2 for PS3/360, hope we hear about that...

Hatiko2539d ago

Blackfoot Studios unnanounced game for the ps3.

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The story is too old to be commented.