South Park on GHIII

Another brilliant episode inspired by video games, the kids of South Park pick up their plastic guitar controllers and bring the world of Guitar Hero 3 into your living room with comic genius.

Watch the entire episode now.

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Nicosia3637d ago

I thought it was pretty tame, but i did laugh about ''heroin hero'' joke.

SmokeyMcBear3637d ago

yeah.. that was a good one, and the awesome awesome truthful ending, but i found imagination land 10 times better

gamesR4fun3637d ago

I lol'd at that and the million point reward

blazebolt3636d ago

You have played guitar hero enough to reach 1 million points! Congratulations! YOU... ARE... [email protected]!

I was rolling when I saw that

Squall L Heart3636d ago

yea that was pretty funny but ti still think the world of warcraft southpark episode was the funniest

PimpHandHappy3636d ago

The World of Warcraft epeisode

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