Voice Actor Spotlight: Tara Strong

TGT: Some voice actors are able to make 90% of their living as individuals with a very unique and distinguishable voice. VO’s like Steve Blum and David Hayter immediately come to mind. Their voices are immediately recognizable whether they’re speaking as their character or at a panel at your local ComicCon. Others are known for their ability to voice so many different personalities, you’d never guess the same VO is behind each character. It simply boggles the mind. Mel Blanc, John DiMaggio, Daws Butler. Today’s voice actor is a member of the latter group.

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SquareEnixFan2361d ago

Great article about a brilliant voice actress. I've always admired her work. She is definitely one of my favorite voice actors.

Quagmire2360d ago

I wonder is her middle name is "makes your wang"

tigertron2360d ago

Great thing is, she actually lookes like Rikku. It would be cool to see Tara cosplay as Rikku.

Pikajew2360d ago

She is the woman equivalent of Nolan North

r212360d ago

totally agree, shes an awesome voice actor :D

Quagmire2360d ago

I thought Jennifer Hale was?

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