Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Review: Insanely Twisted Or Inanely Tedious? []

Dealspwn: "here's no delaying the inevitable. It can't have escaped your notice that Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is a sumptuous work of art, a glorious juxtaposition of sharp silhouettes and blurry, sickening primordial horror. It's evocative of Braid, Limbo and any number of indie masterpieces, but make no mistake: Michel Gagne's masterpiece has an identity all of its own. The five thematic areas all possess a unique and eyecatching aestthetic, be it crisp crystalline ice fields or churning, vomitous biology - and sound design that lurks in the background and occasionally pounces with unsettling audio stingers. A complete lack of voice acting, text or any exposition beyond just doing lends an eerie, lonely feel to the proceedings."

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