Catherine Brings Sexy Back to Gaming (Review) -

"Catherine is the first project on the current generation of consoles by the team that brought us Persona 3 and 4 on the PlayStation 2. What is Catherine? Without making it too complicated, Catherine is a puzzle platformer that merges with the social simulation elements of the Persona games. Now the question is, can this mixture of Intelligent Qube and Persona hold up?"

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CDbiggen2542d ago

'Catherine Brings Sexy Back to Gaming'

Gaming was sexy?

Arknight2542d ago

Gaming needs to be sexy?

That's like saying reading should be sexy.

CrescentFang2542d ago

The game wasn't really sexy (gotta say, True Cheaters Ending was better than I was expecting! Glad to have gone for that one haha)
It made me go play Professor Layton again. Hardcore puzzles ftw

gamingisnotacrime2542d ago

anything that does not involve shooting and cover is a huge welcome relief

MasterCornholio2542d ago

Is this a graphic hentai game with tentacles?

Quirky little title but it seems to have received good scores.

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