Techland onto a winner with Dead Island - "who do you voodo b*tch"

Msxbox-world got some solid hands on time with the Dead Island demo and are impressed with how things are shaping up in paradise lost.

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bunt-custardly2421d ago

Got high hopes for this one... crosses fingers it turns out decent.

RaidensRising2421d ago

Sounds like it will from the preview. "Who do you voodo b*tch" does sound cheesy as hell though.

Cereal2420d ago

Yeah, I know. I'm not sure why they censored the word "butch" though.

FragMnTagM2420d ago

Sounds almost as if they are taking the best bits out of the most popular zombie games and putting them into this game.

Having the open exploration a la Dead Rising minus the time limit.

Having four player co-op from L4D, minus the ridiculous ammo supplies all over the place, also minus the linearity.

Sounds friggin awesome.