New Borderlands 2 Artwork Revealed

Despite having only been officially announced two days ago, the news on Borderlands 2 continues to be drip-fed to an eagerly awaiting audience. Today it’s a short-and-sweet revelation however, just one new piece of artwork revealing one of the new classes set to appear in the forthcoming game.

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Nizzy792419d ago

two guns? looks sick... can't wait!!!

rabidpancakeburglar2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

The guns look kind of crap in that picture tbh but I agree with your point about not being able to wait.

Rrobba2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

I can't wait to play Borderlands 2. I hope it keeps and improves the awesome co-op/online gameplay from the original.

Also, two guns? I can't wait for this game.

geoholyhart2418d ago

I really hope they fix the online quest glitches and streamline the process! Honestly I would prefer if quests only counted for the host, but everyone got experience and rewards for it. Sucks when you jump in a game and someone completes a quest that removes a NPC from your game that still had quests for you.

WhiteLightning2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

I don't understand...he's one of the new classes/characters but he looks like he'll be the same class as Brick. If the characters in Borderlands 2 are the same as the classes in Borderlands then what was the point of new charatcers...they could of just added onto the characters so we'll have more to choose from, least then it's less likley for someone in a co-op game to have 2 Sirens or 3 Soldiers. Hell we could of been allowed to import game data to get some special level boost.

Fact is theres a lot of people who like the old characters, I really wanted to see some character development on them since they said they are going for a better story this time round.

rabidpancakeburglar2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

I would guess that borderlands 2 will also have something to do with the vault and therefore will likely be set at least 200 years in the past or future, so I would guess that's the reason behind new characters.

WhiteLighning below

If they have moved on then and kept it in relatively the same time then a change of characters would also be sensible because they were all vault hunters and they would have no reason to stick around.

WhiteLightning2419d ago

Fair enough if it is but they havent said anything yet, but from the concept art the Psychos are still in would think 200 years later there might of been a little bit of change.

I just didn't think it would rely on the Vault again, I thought they would of moved on and focused on a new story in the world of Pandora.

Anyway they havent announced it so I'm just speculating but when they say it's set 200 years later then I'll understand but if it isn't then I don't really see the point of them

KingDustero2419d ago

That character obviously isn't a copy and paste of Brick. Brick was about his fists and rockets. This guy however is holding what looks to be an MG and a shotgun.

It is like Brick and Roland combined.

It has already been said that there are new characters AND classes.

WhiteLightning2419d ago

"It has already been said that there are new characters AND classes. "

Still don't know if it adds on to the exsisting ones yet, maybe the new ones are just half and half classes to mix things up

Bay2419d ago

Looks like a mix of brute and soldier. Also, this looks like it can be a character straight out of the first Borderlands...maybe they're going for the same style/graphics?

Cpt_kitten2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

yeah, borderlands art style was a huge factor from the beginning so of course they would bring that back

and i wouldn't be surprised if this was the old class brick was in during borderlands one, if there's new classes im sure they would wanna show them during the grand announcement to ad some flare to the reveal

yeah, and seeing its 2 years late in sure they got an upgrade to the engine or polished it up and bit, and yeah the colors is a what a lot of games need this gen

Bay2419d ago

I just hope they use the same art style, but bump up the graphics a bit. The first one was kind of...bland, I guess. Not that I didn't like it, but some varied environments and colors would've helped.

MidnytRain2419d ago

I think the term you guys are looking for is "dual wielding".

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