Arkham City's Penguin voiced by Nolan North - Confirmed

Rocksteady has confirmed to CVG that Batman Arkham City's Penguin is voiced by Uncharted star Nolan North.

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Rush2537d ago

Christ this is getting silly now.... Is there a game Nolan North doesn't voice in.

Hoolock2537d ago

What makes this worse is that his voice is not at all suited for the character.

BiggCMan2537d ago

Watch the damn video!!!

KingSlayer2537d ago

He's a voice actor. He can do more than Drake. And the video proves that.

SilentNegotiator2537d ago

At this point, I'm just used to Tom Kenny doing the Penguin, lol.

I wish Danny Devito was cast to do this voice.

Merivigian2537d ago

How? I didn't even think "Nolan North" when I saw the trailer. That speaks that he's right for the part.

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BiggCMan2537d ago

Ha, typical for a hater to be the first comment. Well if you listen to the video, you will realize that it sounds NOTHING like him, and he did a great job for the character. Nolan North is an excellent voice actor. He has done roles that you would have never guessed were him, because contrary to popular belief, he does not always use his normal voice.

rabidpancakeburglar2537d ago

Pac man, space invaders, pong? Unless of course he was making the noises.

Adexus2537d ago

Wow, that was the last person I would've guessed, sounds nothing like him. Nolan North has a brilliant range of voices, it's a shame that all people want from him is his own voice .

LionheartAce2537d ago

We also want seem to want him to say...


Adexus2537d ago

"Dad, I'm in space!"
"I'm proud of you, son"
"... Dad, are you space?"

Blaze9292537d ago

Surprise! What game ISN'T this guy in?

WhiteLightning2537d ago

Shouldn't we hate the studios that keep using him then the guy himself. It's a job if I was in his shoes and was asked to be in a load of games I would do it because I want the money. I think everyone would do the same

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The story is too old to be commented.