Take 2 spills at least $1.025 million over 'Hot Coffee' settlement

The infamous Hot Coffee Modification from GTA: San Andreas is going to cost Rockstar's parent company at least $1.025 million in settlement benefits.

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the worst4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

they had 2 paid for what
(reply) thats BS
you had 2 do so much 2 unlock that

SwiderMan4054d ago

Settlement benefits for prude people.

power0919994054d ago

Yeah pretty much.

They have to pay money to the people that don't grasp the whole ESRB system.

mighty_douche4054d ago

im sure they be back in the profit in about 6 months.

gamesR4fun4054d ago

man the we've got to do something to reign in all those prudes. If anything we need more violence and nudity in games...

mirroredderorrim4054d ago

They're paying because they put some messed up sh** in GTA: San Andreas. The ESRB rates games based on content ON the disc. Alot of developers as we know, tend to leave unfinished or unused content on a game within the stored format. For this to be discovered was a violation of the ESRB. I don't know the ENTIRE story because I don't care. It's an adult game, anyway. So what if you can get a blowjob or have doggystyle sex. Maybe kids will learn something. JUST KIDDING..but seriously, I don't think it's a big deal and one needs a gameshark or action replay to view/play the content anyway.