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Derek "Punchfister" Deebag writes: So, I decided to take a break from playing crappy games to play, well, a crappier game. Everyone knows who Batman is. He is that whining super hero, who complains constantly about his parents dying while dressing up liked a winged rat to scare criminals. Seriously, if I saw a man dressed like that in real life, I would punch him right on the tip for being a creeper. Dude, get a job, or better yet, join the real crime fighting brigade known as the U.S. Army!

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StanLee2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Funniest article I've read on here in a while.

strange19862297d ago

Huh. I guess if this is supposed to be funny it's just not for me.

thorstein2297d ago

Yeah. This type of stuff belongs on Broken Joystick: Funny or not.

PaladinXII2297d ago

Thanks for being the arbiter of the Internet. Any other content out there you'd like to reassign?

thorstein2297d ago


Don't care what your problem is, but N4G policy is that "satire" is to go on Bad Joystick. If you have a problem with that tell an admin. I am sure they will be happy to point you in the right direction.

PaladinXII2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Good point. I'll share that with our Editor-in-Chief, ZeroTolerance, who happens to be a moderator here. We're the editorial arm of N4G. You probably didn't notice that.

Given that you aren't an admin or moderator, why don't you leave the policing of N4G up to them.

That said, I would be glad to read the section that talks about satire. Couldn't seem to find it in the guidelines or site FAQ.

PaladinXII2297d ago

Looks like you meant "Bad Joystick." I spoke with Cat. That site is not currently active, which is why you see a lot of relevant humor/satire pieces here on N4G.

In other words, we have done nothing wrong and you should leave the moderating to people who have earned the right and responsibility to do so.

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