Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Review (EmptyLifebar)

"Calling Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet a Metroid is closer to the truth then saying it’s related to a Metroidvania as it doesn’t have the rpg elements from those Castlevania titles. You take the role of an alien exploring a strange alien world from the safety of his tiny ship. The shadow planet from the game’s title is infested with tentacle creatures, exploding mines, poisonous jellyfish, and many more horrors"

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AerotheAcrobat2392d ago

How does this look anything like metroid? o-o

ElementX2392d ago

From what I've read, it's Metroid-esque because as you explore, you come across dead ends and blocked paths for which you have to find the right weapon or whatever to open it up so you can get further.

RyuHoshi2392d ago

It just looks like a HORRIBLE rip off of LIMBO, I doubt it is even worth buying.

ElementX2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Limbo is a side scrolling game featuring a boy and this is a side scrolling game featuring a ship and weapons. You should them both out. In Limbo you solve puzzles, but this is more action I think. I'm going to buy ITSP when I get home today.

TheGreatGazoo2392d ago

It looks like Pixeljunk Eden

2kDude2392d ago

Yup.Just like Metroid.Samus is a ship the flys around everywhere.