Ridge Racer Unbounded - Preview

It's more than just the concrete that comes tumbling down in Ridge Racer Unbounded. In this, Finnish developer Bugbear's first game in coming up to five years, the very definition of a series that's been about overstated drifts and nitrous trails is smashed to pieces too. In the rubble that's left at the end of a race, it's hard to pick out where exactly Namco's racing staple has got to.

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Cmpunk2539d ago


Foxgod2538d ago

This may be the first good ridge racer in a long time.
Why? cause its from the Flatout creators, and they Flatout was awesome!!

Just like Need for speed from criterion was fun, give a franchise to the right developers, and they will make something of it.

EazyC2538d ago

It's fridge racer:

Friiiidge Racer!