Namco Bandai Teasing New Game Reveal?

Namco Bandai are apparently teasing a new game.

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Kran2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

Tales of the World?


EDIT: Woah disagrees already? It was just a suggestion :/

I mean here's proof: heres the box art to this game, and if you look, you see a shooting star like in the box art.

tiffac2514d ago

This N4G man, people disagree with absolutely about everything and anything even if there is no reason or sense on why they disagreed with you.

Heck even if you ask a question you will get a disagree. lol!

Bereaver2514d ago

Why does everyone assume that a disagree means something along the lines of "Your stupid" or "No way idiot"?

Couldn't disagree just mean something simple as.... "No, I don't think so." or "I disagre, I think it's something else."?

tiffac2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

How does a disagree make any sense if your asking a question? Your disagreeing on somebody asking a question? lol!

I mean not you but the ones that I have encountered when I was just asking a question regarding something on a particular topic.

Optical_Matrix2514d ago

Like Gamingbolt says this might be Eternal Sonata 2. Really need to play this game. I bought it on PS3 months ago and it's still in the damn shrink wrapping. But I've heard the music and it definitely sounds like it.

Darkseeker2514d ago

If it's what they're doing, they better be smart and make this as a PS3 exclusive from the start instead of what they did last time.

Those low sales for the PS3 port in the west is probably what made them rellucant to localise tales games in the first place.

Kran2514d ago

Eternal Sonata 2 was another game I had thought it could be as well as my comment ;)

Stealth2k2514d ago

then tri cresendo is working on this and the new digimon


Alos882514d ago

There's a pretty obvious problem with this being a sequel to Eternal Sonata, and if you watched the ending you'd know exactly what that is.

Stealth2k2514d ago

they could just as easily pick a new dying someone

tiffac2514d ago

Can't they just bring Tales of Vesperia (PS3 ver) so we can play Patty the Pirate? lol! I mean come on Bamco~

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