CitrusMojo: Resistance 3 Beta Review Video

Review of the R3 beta with some gameplay.

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jony_dols2421d ago

Is it just me or does it sound like the reviewer has a broken nose? Or maybe he has an extra chromosome?

I_Guts_I2421d ago

Lmao my nose was broken awhile back and basically collapsed my right nasal cavity, but that's not the reason for why it sounds like i have noseplugs in.

I had to use my bluetooth instead of my headset and my bluetooth isn't that great of quality.

Can you at least understand me lol

Nexgensensation2421d ago

and one thing! insomniac keep your duty out my resistance. I'm a little disappointed with only wielding 2 weapons when in the game your fighting for resistance or survival. So one more thing! keep your duty out my game.

Crazyglues2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

I don't know I played a little of this last night, didn't like it at all... I did get a lot of issues people are complaining about, lag, and stuff.. but

Nothing in it felt good, but whatever, I'm going to pass on this one.. I loved one but part two was awful, it took far too long to kill enemies and just didn't feel like a good shooter.. this seems like more of the same.. more like part 2 then like part 1..

Graphics are nice, but I don't really understand why the run has to feel so weird.. I'm afraid for me the Resistance franchise is dead..

-I was really pumped when they showed the first trailer -but the game seems to be something different from what I thought..

The trailer made it look like Aliens taking over all over the place with humans trying to survive the invasion.. A left for dead type of attacks.. but it's nothing like that..

and the multiplayer just made me sad.. didn't feel good at all -guns felt silly -sound seems lame - run just seems dumb for no reason.. -your running slow and it feels strange.. not to mention the gun is just bouncing all over the place too much while running..

it just seems like they didn't get it.. -rather play homefront, and I'm just being honest -that's just how I felt.. you may like it.

The Guy in the video seems to like it. -I hated it, I'm going to just pass on this one.. -I would say just play this demo if you can before you buy it..


Wizziokid2421d ago

can't wait to try this out

Dwalls11712421d ago

Gotta love sony...yet anothet AAA exclusive to choose from....of course this is a day one buy

newleaf2421d ago

AAA because they spent alot on it?

Swiggins2420d ago

Actually Yes, that's what Triple A Means. It has a High Budget and production values.

belal2421d ago

Ohhhh yeah can't wait for the beta!!!

2421d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.