Class Action Claims Microsoft Double-Bills Xbox Subscribers

Ryan Graves, an unhappy customer, has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft Corp. claiming that the company is double-billing subscribers to its Xbox Live Gold service. The class action is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

In December 2005, Ryan Graves purchased an Xbox 360 console, which led him to purchase an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

The customer is now filing a lawsuit against Microsoft for allegedly automatically renewing users’ subscriptions without receiving permission from the Xbox users, according to Consumer Affairs. Furthermore, the lead plaintiff, Graves, alleges that they have refused to reimburse the duplicate charges.

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Anon19742540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I had a similar problem. In Canada, the price of XBL gold was $8.99 a month or about $108 a year. I had a free month of XBL and then they started charging my credit card automatically on a monthly basis. As they defaulted to $8.99 a month, I just assumed that was the price.

After two years I finally started to question what I was actually getting for my $108 a year. It was then that someone pointed out to me on game forums "Um? What the hell are you talking about? It's only $60(cdn)" I had no idea as it never occurred to me that MS would charge more per month and the fact that they started doing it automatically also didn't compel me to look into it further.

Now, is that MS's fault for defaulting to the higher price or my fault for not being more informed? Personally, I take responsibility for trusting that if Microsoft was charging me for XBL, that was the price of XBL. I shouldn't have taken it for granted and I was overcharged $96 dollars over two years because of it. I currently don't have gold as I decided to put my money towards games and get my multiplayer fix elsewhere.

Now, as for this lawsuit - I think it's frivolous. You're telling me that this couldn't have been worked out by speaking to a manager or something, that it had to go to court? Plenty of places automatically renew subscriptions, and mistakes will always happen - but to lawyer up like this just seems to me a waste of the court's time.

Edit below: Totally agree. I just assumed American when I saw the title. I just don't understand the "Sue em!" mentality. To me, the hassle of going through the courts just isn't worth the $50 - and MS even gave him the extra year, he just didn't want it. Personally, my time is too valuable to waste on frivolous lawsuits. I don't know. Maybe in the US, suing is just a hobby now. Cue the Weird Al video, "Sue Ya"?

Why o why2540d ago

Hmm, people never seem to take resonsibility for things. Im sorry im saying this i but i automatically thought the guy suing had to be american when i saw the title. Im no way protecting any coorporation but some people just sue for any reason just to get money they dont deserve. Ms could make things more transparent for sure but c'mon

limewax2540d ago

Agreed. A similar situation happened to me, except unlike this guy, I didn't set up a new account because of it, I phoned them and asked why it happened and how to get XBL back......It took 10 minutes

This guy made his own mistakes, dug his own grave, and filed a law suit against a company he doesn't stand a chance in hell against. He is clearly not the sharpest knife in the draw

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Vega752540d ago

Can't say this has ever happened to me or anyone I know that has one or has their card info linked to their account. MS sent me a email to renew my gold subcription which I declined and brought a cheaper gold card from amazon.

TheMART2540d ago

Solution is simple. I had the same problem. Credit card details on the XBL account were old. I had put years of prepaid cards before on my XBL account, but forgot this to do before a certain date again. I just did 3 days after the renewal date, I didn't even notice it had suspended really.

So MS tried to bill the card that didn't exist anymore. They started to mail that they couldn't and I should update my credit card details. Then I thought, lets phone them up and tell that I put in the prepaid card 1 year subscription and that I didn't understand why I was charged on my cc for a year, a cc that didn't exist anymore.

It took me a 45 minute phone call, and I just said I didn't own a cc anymore (while I did but hehe this worked). So as they couldn't use any new cc info from me, they decided to stop the charging all together and they put the cc option on off for me. I got a year XBL for free from MS this way.

So. Stay on the line, don't give up on the phone when they say this isn't possible, it IS possible as long as you don't supply new cc info!

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King of trolls is back >>>>>>

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How low are you going to sink, Microsoft?

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