MGS4 Release Date Set: EU Release 1 Month Before US? has finally started their pre-orders for the highly anticipated PS3 exclusive...

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3689d ago

God damn it stop it already. No one will get MGS4 before anyone. It has been stated its simaltenous (sp?) release WORLD WIDE

Nostradavis3689d ago

I really do wonder where they get their release dates from..but more so, do you think people at amazon have mouthpieces like the one snake is wearing above? Because that is hot!

BloodySinner3689d ago

It's just a rumor, relax.

ParaDise_LosT3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )


yeah paradise lost is one of my favorite bands ever :P
I also loved Paradise Lost(The book)

demolitionX3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

what's that in his mouth?? a d!ldo!!!!!

BTW: paradise lost is my favorite band ;)

mighty_douche3689d ago

makes up for the lack of Uncharted demo here in uk huh!


monks3688d ago

if it was the other way around you would be pissed too

i have always belived there should just be one store

if the USA can have the game why cant the UK we speak english i have never understood why there is a delay when europe has the biggest sony fan base

thats off the point but remember the other week USA was upset that europe got the pseye stuff

coolfool3689d ago

FAKE!! Since when does Europe get anything before anyone? I think I would pass out with amazement if this were to happen. The best Europeans can ever hope for is a simultaneous release.

theoneandonly3688d ago

And that's still an IF, then that means Sony is really concerned about EUROPE.

And that means METAL GEAR SOLID 4 will absolutely be going head to head with SPLINTER CELL 5 on the 360, IN EUROPE, right around the time GRAND THEFT AUTO 4 w/ exclusive levels is about ready to launch....

The combined effect of MASS EFFECT, HALF LIFE: ORANGE BOX & SPLINTER CELL 5 as well as the GTA series.............Could be unpredictable in the onslaught against the tireless "SONY" juggernaut & could leave it bleeding for a while..........even with the METAL GEAR....

"DESPARATION STATION" in Europe? Whatever the case, drop your.........

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