Iizuka: 'It's hard to please old Sonic fans'

Sonic Generations producer Takashi Iizuka has told Official Nintendo Magazine that it's tough to please fans of the old Sonic games. Yet he has high hopes that his new game will appeal to fans of the Mega Drive games.

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Rrobba2537d ago

All we want is a GOOD Sonic game.

Yi-Long2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

... we just want the old 2D gameplay, and perfect blend of exploration platforming and speed in nice levels that feel in touch with the world Sonic lives in.

We don't want human side-characters. We don't want just rollercoaster levels where all you do is occasionally press a button. We don't want 3D levels. We don't want a homing attack.

Just give us the gameplay that we had in Sonic 1, 2 and CD. That's it. It's EASY.

Those fans who are now making Sonic Remix pulled it off, and those are just a few guys in their basement! They got the gameplay right, and it looks more amazing than anything Sega has turned out, Sonic-wise, the last 15 years.

It's not hard to please us. It's EASY! You just don't listen to what we actually want, or just don't want to give us what we want.

CDbiggen2537d ago

He's trying too hard. Less is more to us old Sonic fans. Less side-characters, less Story, Less were-hog, etc you get the picture. You wouldn't hear old miyamoto saying it's hard to please old mario fans.

Azfargh2537d ago

Hard to please old Sonic Fans???? Gosh, what r u doing on game design business...?