Five Reasons Next-Gen Now Would Be Insane

Because disaster is surely around the corner should we all upgrade too quickly…

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Dailynch2358d ago

Nope. Wrong. Next-gen now please!

Cmpunk2358d ago

i agree this gen.. was lame tbh' though the end of this gen will be amazing, this gen lost it's way relying on multiplayer and graphics and forgetting split screen and singleplayer.

caseh2358d ago

'i agree this gen.. was lame tbh' though the end of this gen will be amazing, this gen lost it's way relying on multiplayer and graphics'

So if we shift to Next-Gen now that will revolutionize single player/split screen games?

No, it will lead to better graphics and mabye a bigger scope for what games will be capable kinda just shit all over your own argument right there.

vickers5002358d ago

Multiplayer > Split screen

for the sole reason that multiplayer lets much more people enjoy playing together than split screen does.

I can't play split screen with my friend that lives in a different state/country, so your split screen argument for this gen being lame is pretty weak.

Caleb_1412358d ago

I don't know why people keep wanting next-gen so quick - the only reason I can think of people wanting it is because they want better graphics...

Are you people blind? Games on 360 and PS3 look fantastic and this is coming from a person who primarly plays on a top-end PC! Too many companies rely on great graphics to sell their games when what we should really be pushing for is better gameplay.

The graphics in games atm are fine - now can we please start looking to innovate on gameplay more? please?

Strongmad2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Next gen would promote innovation in gameplay

Take BF3 for example... improved GFX yes of course but the innovation \ improved gamplay experience comes from extra physics, larger map sizes to allow more players / more vehicles.

Next gen would grant the consoles more power to do this and not have the downsized version running on consoles. At least DICE give this PC the attention and highlight what console gamers are missing.

Not to mention allow PC innovation to filter down and vice versa.

Yes I am a PC fanboy but spend plenty of time on my 360

When the next gen does arrive just make the damn thing upgradeable... chucking another £50 worth of hard ware in the old Xbox after x years would make everyone happy .. better gameplay & graphics potential and more revenue for MS.

Game designers would just need to have a base preset for GFX and then an enhanced preset. This has been the norm in PC for 15 years!

Caleb_1412358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

1.) Your saying that by upgrading we will have graphics on par with the high-end PC's, thus enabling us to have more of everything. While this is true, think back to when the PS3 and 360 were first release - they had top-end PC hardware in them for the time but now the PC has shot by. If Sony and Microsoft decide to release new consoles this soon it would be financially crippling and then the PC tech will be even further ahead after a few years.

2.) Your also saying that it would be a good idea for consoles to be upgradable - wrong. Consoles are casual machines, easy-to-use. Most casual gamers don't want to be buying a console, only finding out later that they need to buy a £50 upgrade to play certain games. This would also result in the splitting of the gaming community, which you never want to do.

kassler2358d ago

I am tired of the inferior console versions. Bring us next gen now!

caseh2358d ago

PCs can be upgraded, consoles can't.

Moore's Law basically states the capacity of computer hardware effectively doubles every 18 months - 2 years.

I for one am not willing to splash out on a new console every couple of years just because the PC equivilent may look better.

SleazyChimp2358d ago

Yeah but the box is not just a couple of years old! Its rolling up on its 6th birthday and will be 7yrs old if a new console were to come out 2012. Pc has only in the last year started separating its self from consoles. The whole economy thing is a crock too because how many people bought a Kinect in the last year in the same economy. AND most gamers despise the device.


caseh2358d ago


Fair comment about the age of the consoles.

I'm quite happy with my PS3 though, there are a load of games i'm still looking to play and a bunch of games I would miss if I was to adopt a new console now. Comes down to attachment for some people I guess, first generation of consoles i've truly enjoyed since the days of the SNES. :)

Shackdaddy8362357d ago

^^That law is really off BTW. Tech is increasing but not at that speed.

Just something to know :)

BlmThug2358d ago

2013 would be the perfect time

charmer2358d ago its insane sine sony and xbox fanboys know only wiiu will come out and win next gen