PS3 branded 3DTV to be released in late December

Amazon have revealed that the PS3 branded 3DTV, that was unveiled at this years E3 conference, will be released on the 31st December this year. Unfortunately Insomniac games have confirmed that Resistance 3, will not be included in the bundle as previously reported but it has been replaced with Motorstorm Apocalypse.


EDIT: We have discovered that the retailer, Comet, have the TV listed for release on November 26th 2011.

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Kurisu2508d ago

I wonder if this TV will release in the UK? I hope so because if it does I would totally get this bundle when I could afford it. I'm glad that the bundle now includes MotorStorm Apocalypse instead of Resistance 3. The demo was fun, but I never got around to picking up the full game.

HebrewHammer2508d ago

Missing the Uncharted 3 release date will be the mistake - not the game that's bundled with it.

Rushing_Punch2508d ago

It's still kinda crazy expensive. I'd rather buy a bigger non3D tv or a crap ton of games

outwar60102508d ago

u can buy that 3d lg monitor for £150 it has 120hz and is is 1920 by 1080 resolution but doesnt include glasses

buddymagoo2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Also it doesn't include the split glasses option where one viewer sees one thing and the other sees something different.

My misses can watch TV while I'm playing games, all on one screen!

outwar60102508d ago

but still us Europeans are going to get raped over the price 500 bucks for americans and probable 300 pounds here (little over 600 bucks) but i may still end up getting it

Johnny_Cojones2508d ago

It's a placeholder date, to indicate it's expected before the end of the year.

Pin-Pin-Ire2508d ago

The Comet date seems too precise though.

MasterCornholio2508d ago

This seems expensive as heck

CGI-Quality2506d ago

Based on what? It's a 24" Display with HDMI cables, full 1080p/3D functionality, Full HD for TWO screens, 3D glasses and a game (to if you pre-order from GameStop - one of which is native 1280x1080p and upscales just right to 1920x1080p to boast one of the Display's capabilities).

I'm not see how it's "expensive as heck" with that value, but I can understand saying you don't have $500 to drop on any bundle.

MasterCornholio2506d ago

Sure just like i dont have money for a 250 euro Vita and a 350 euro Samsung S.

You were saying?

ianblake2508d ago

gamestop has it Release Date 11/26/2011

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