Split Screen: My own private Shepard

SMH: Following BioWare’s announcement that the female version of Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard would also be appearing on promotional materials for the game, fans can now decide on how she will look.

I won’t be impacted by whatever the result of this poll is, since the first thing I will do after firing up Mass Effect 3 for the first time will be to import my own Commander Shepard, a female character with a lovingly crafted custom face.

My Commander Shepard looks like she's been through a lot.

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Pozzle2515d ago

I love seeing different people's custom made Shepards. They often look more interesting and unique than actual official character designs in games.

The Matrix2515d ago

And by Bioware creating stock characters (even if it is only to put on the case and in trailers) they are taking the creativity away from people. This should never be allowed in an RPG with character customization.

Phantom-Deutschland2515d ago

being able to create your own character is great.I wish all(or as many as possible) games to have this option.