Lots of 3D enabled games - it's time to jump into the 3D era

With a growing list of 3D enabled games at your fingertips and the cost of 3D TVs lowering, now is a good time to jump into the 3D era.

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Muletroid2417d ago

i wouldn't jump into 3D over that list i saw a big list sure but most of those games were average or below average

i have been thinking about 3D allot and i just don't see myself caring too much because not many things besides a few games well a few worthwhile games support 3D

TV isn't in 3D and home movies are barely in 3D so i can't really see myself buying a 3D TV just to play a few games in 3D

qface642417d ago

i actually saw transformers 3 in 3D and i was actually REALLY disappointed
3D so wasn't worth the extra 6 dollars

bumnut2417d ago

I also can't justify a 3DTV due to lack of content, thats why I went with a 3D monitor for my PC games.

Sub4Dis2416d ago Show
RaidensRising2417d ago

I love 3D gaming and think the more people that actually try it in their homes (rather than hating without trying, or playing in a store/game event) will appreciate what the added perspective brings to gaming. The Uncharted 3 trailers in 3D look amazing and I suspect Batman Arkham City and others will look equally as great.

Movies are a different matter, gaming is where it's at in my view.

Cmpunk2417d ago

3d is here to stay, and once there are more 3d owner's it will be succesfull to add it on

charmer2417d ago

sony themselves are pushing 3d hard ...which should help 3ds in a big way soon..

Sub4Dis2416d ago

that doesn't make much sense.

jrbeerman112417d ago

3d died before, so will this rehash I think.

It makes sense for movie theaters, giving people added incentive to watch on big screen as well as deterring bootlegs. i would rather watch 2d but that's just me.

I do not think it is worth it (and probably horrible for your eyesight) to be putting that kind of time into a 3d video game.

its also not as popular as people assume. Its avatars fault, it was a huge blockbuster film from one of the highest grossing film makers ever and huge budget with crazy special effects, and corporations think 3d is the only thing that sold it.

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The story is too old to be commented.