Call of Duty Elite adds considerable worth to CoD experience

MMGN writes: After having spent a few days experimenting with Elite, the new stat-tracking and community service for Call of Duty, I've realised two things.

Firstly, after having returned to Black Ops so as to better my Elite performance stats, I discovered that I suck at Black Ops. Six days worth of Modern Warfare 2 noob tube and heartbeat sensor usage has made me a terrible performer.

Secondly, I'm starting to realise the place online communities have in the industry, especially when integrated with competitive online games.

While Elite certainly appears to be a glorified stat-tracker at first glance, it's actually so much more. The level of interaction particularly impresses me and the accessibility to upload and integrate your own social media handles must be applauded. Allowing gamers to upload their own videos, create their own groups and enter into unique events is something I feel is going to add considerable weight to the Call of Duty experience.

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