Game Guys review: Catherine

Rescuing princesses from castles this is not as Atlus' Catherine tackles the very adult topics of marriage, commitment, honesty, and the morals therein.

Catherine is as much a video game as it is a study into certain facets of human behavior. It's not a game about what's right and what's wrong; rather, it's about what's right and what's wrong for you.

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TheSoundDefense2516d ago

This is a game I've been watching for quite a while, and I really need to get my hands on it and try. The block puzzle demo is a lot of fun, though quite tough sometimes.

Also, I think the in-game volume in the review might be a bit too high. It sounds distorted, like it's pushing the limit or something.

Xof2516d ago

The in-game volume in Catherine is pretty funky, though. The animated cut-scenes have a MUCH HIGHER VOLUME than the audio for the rest of the game.

Anyway, review didn't really take into account any of Catherine's flaws. The fact that the story mode consists of fewer than 20 puzzles, that there's very little character interaction, or that the game can easily be beaten in under 5 hours (without skipping any movies, and speaking to everyone in the bar).

It's a pretty big step backwards for Team Persona. Still a fun game and definitely worth a buy, though.

bangoskank2516d ago

Not enough character interaction? Would you appreciate it more if you were able to jerk off Orlando and Toby?!

If you could beat all the puzzles in five hours without cheating I would love to it documented.

PirosThe4th2516d ago

less than 5 hours? I took me around 10 to beat it. And i didn't skip any cutscenes or anything. Just to let you know the persona team did this as a experiment to see what they could do with this gen consoles. Persona 5 should come out soon XD

kingdavid2516d ago

5 hours is just completely wrong. Ive played 5 hours and am up to day 4..

Xof2515d ago

lol at the little children.

It's a short game. Get over it.

As for the chief of the idiots, bangoskank, I'm sure you think writing a few text messages that you only get, what, 1 or 2 replies to counts as "interaction," but I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone else to agree with you.

Seriously, what the fuck is with these Catherine fanboys? Praise the game but comment that it's short, and they fucking pounce. You guys are worse than Nintendo fanboys.

TheSoundDefense2515d ago

Beating the game in five hours seems really extreme. I don't think that you can really achieve that without ignoring a bunch of the non-puzzle gameplay that Catherine has to offer.

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Tuxmask552516d ago

I'm only on day 3, but the game seems pretty close to flawless to me.

kingdavid2516d ago

Its a little repetitive with areas etc. thats probably my only flaw with it. Pretty routine-ish.