Sony Faces PlayStation Price Pressure

Bloomberg: Sony Corp. (6758), the world’s second- largest maker of video-game machines, shouldn’t count on Yukinobu Takeda to stand in line for the $380 PlayStation Vita when the portable player begins selling this year.

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potedude2421d ago

I think they are talking about different markets here, the casual market is huge, no denying, but someone who buys a Vita is more of a gamer than someone who buys a phone. Its two different markets.

Everyone (nearly everyone) has a phone, and those who do will probably buy some casual games. I know I did. But I also love 'hardcore' gaming and have to have specialised devices for that side of gaming.

Having said that, hopefully Vita might get a price drop soon after release then...

NewMonday2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

WTF Bloomberg?!!

The PSV is 250$, not 380$

ksense2421d ago

"The customers Sony is targeting with its Vita are those willing to spend a lot of money," he said. "That's a valid strategy even if the volume's low as long as it can sustain the higher price." This I can agree with. Nintendo may sell more systems but they will probably be losing more money now on each system sold than Sony is with Vita if at all they are losing money. They did make the system with that price in mind so they may make a small profit but not sure yet.

I don't see why they NEED to drop the price. I would be scared if they drop the price because then I would feel like I am getting something cheap and cut down in features. There will always be people asking for lower prices. Price it for what it is worth and not for what people want it to be.

NewMonday2421d ago

i don't usually complain about disagrees, but the PSV is really 250$, how can someone disagree with that.

meganick2420d ago

Maybe the $380 figure is for the 3G model and a single game, plus tax. That's my guess.

NewMonday2420d ago

they compared it to the cut price standalone 3DS at 169$, that's just an epic fail from a major news source.

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Cmpunk2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

FUCK MAN. everyone needs to calm down, $250 is the lowest sony can put the vita right now' if the sales are low then, lower the price' dont do it straight away

NukaCola2420d ago

True. The price cut on the 3DS was a terrible move. They are really taking a major hit on it. It dropped to much to fast. Not a smart marketing tool.

For the Vita, I think it's a perfect price and since it's going to be Sony's transitional system between the PS3 and PS4, it's designed to grow. The price is to gracious TBH for all the technology that this little beast holds. This is by far one of the most impressive peices of handheld technology I have ever seen and I am pretty sure, it will be more than successful.

gamingdroid2420d ago

That is what they are going to have to, but it looks like Sony packed too much technology into it so manufacturing cost is high!

I don't think most people follow the industry so a price drop now or later won't matter much. It is just analyst and such looking for clues.

MasterCornholio2421d ago

People are flipping over because Nintendo cut the price of the 3DS. Sony is already selling the Vita at a loss so they cant afford to cut the price further. Besides at 250 Euros the Vita is a great buy and i believe that many people will see that.

BTW 380 dollars is a huge typo.

Dwalls11712421d ago

Sorry 250 is an amazing price and does not need to change...with all this thing does

jujubee882421d ago

-Cross game voice/text chat
-Top handheld games: Uncharted, COD, Resistance, LBP, Ridge Racer, etc.
-PSP, PS1, PS Suite, Mini's games
-Multiple sported movie files
-Flash capable
-Dual analog sticks, gamepad, dpad, shoulder buttons
-Front and back multi-touch
-6 axis
-5 inch OLED
-Light weight
-Front and back cameras
-Quad core CPU/GPU
-LAN/Wireless connectivity with PS3 for games/apps
-Games from starting from $0 on PS+ membership

So, go ahead and take it for $249. It is yours. Sony are giving that to you as a gift. Its like a friend saying you can have his bike, no strings attached.

"You wanna bike?"
"Take this kick ass bike with rocket launchers"
*Fly's off to the moon.*

one2thr2420d ago

Hey you forgot to add -PS2* games...... Fun fact, the Vita was able to run MGS4 at an average frame rate of 20fps, without the game data being optimized for and on top of that it only took a week for the developers to figure out how to get the up and running on it......

blackburn102420d ago

Exactly. I pay for worth not cheapness. If the PSV is worth $249.00 then I pay $249.00. I am not going to buy some junk or some device that has to be replaced in 1-2 years just because it is cheaper.

dredgewalker2420d ago

Only an idiot would say that Vita is overpriced with those features. OLED screen alone is quite expensive, but at that price it's like being given away for free. Yeah I'd also be suspicious of the quality of the hardware if the price was lower.

jacen1002421d ago

its $375 in the uk and $457 for the 3g version

faysal2420d ago

and where did you see that? LOL since when uk uses dollar? we in the uk use POUNDS mate just to let you know psv is £229 wifi and £280 for 3g and wifi.

LeShin2420d ago

Gotta love N4G. Two people disagreed that we in the UK
use pounds! lol

Miiikeyyy2420d ago

He's comparing the pricing between UK and america by converting the pounds to dollars.
It's 229 pounds in the UK - £229 is $375.
or for the 3g version - £280 is $457.
UK is getting ripped off.

He wasn't saying the UK used dollars, he was just showing that the UK is getting ripped off compared to america. people are idiots for not understanding this.

faysal2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

@myk1992 i know he was trying to convert pounds in to dollars but why would we care about dollars when we live in uk use pounds and dollars aint even related to us? yes uk gets ripped off IF you convert pounds to dollars but for uk money its just fine. when you write (its $375 in the uk and $457 for the 3g version) of curse its going to sound like hes trying to say we use dollar well at least it sounds like it, if he said (its £229 witch is $375 and £280 witch is $457) hes statement would have been much much more clear. but tbh why would you compare dollars to pounds if you live in uk? i mean every country gets ripped off in the world does that mean you wont buy the product? hell no!
to me ps vita is not a rip off cz i live in uk and dont care how much its going to be when i convert the pounds in to dollars cz i dont live in usa.

@leshin what can i tell you mate lol some people really needs to learn about this world rather then just sitting in there basement.

RevXM2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )


I wouldnt say that UK is getting ripped of since the balance and stuff is pretty similar, right?
Currently in Norway a Ps3 320GB costs from about 2500 kr(Cheapest i could find, saw one for 3700).
1$ = 5.4 NOK/kr

So our price directly converted to dollars would be roughly 463$. (Im using the 320GB ps3 because there is no word about how much PSV will be over here yet, but I bet it is comparable to a 320GB Ps3.)

It doesnt matter though since the balance is about right (Pricing on different products and services vs average income) and its good in fact we are about the wealthiest nation in the world and tbh we are spoiled though nothing is perfect its probably the best place in the world to live right now so Im ofcourse not complaining.

And I hear UK aint all that bad either so the pricing is about right over there too I guess. People should not directly compare prices in their own country to the price anywhere else like that.

I bet a PS3 in Chad (Africa) is like 10 dollars... NOW thats unfair lololol... /S

faysal2419d ago

@revxm well said mate if only people understood things just like you then there wouldn't be any problem :P expect psv 3g/wifi version to be the same as ps3 360gb not sure about the non 3g version tho

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