Analysis: The Upside To Releasing Vita In 2012

Gamasutra: Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris looks at Sony's recent decision not to release its Vita portable in the U.S. and Europe this year, seeing potential benefits to the company's cautious approach

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Kran2483d ago

Here's the upside for me:

I just saved £230 this year from everything I want to buy ;)

Rrobba2483d ago

The hardware will be more finalized, and more games will be ready at launch.

I was hoping to get Vita for Christmas, but I suppose if Sony delayed the console it is because they had to in order to make the product even better.

MasterCornholio2483d ago

Heres an upside for me. Gives me more time to save up.

Dwalls11712483d ago

Yes more time to save...and more time for developers to perfet their game....and more time for nintendo to recover from their failure

They really dont need competition coming in this year

Beetey2483d ago

The whole "more games ready at launch theory" really doesnt make that much since.Why release it in Japan this year if there aren't enough games? Especially since NA will enjoy the currently announced games more than JP. Of course it is possible that there will be a system selling launch title in Japan that we dont know about yet...

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