Rumor Control: "Elder Scrolls" MMORPG has not been confirmed. Not yet, anyways

Several news outlets, from Spong to G4 have been reporting that Bethesda has confirmed that the MMO project currently being undertaken by Bethesda Softwork's new development house, ZeniMax Online, is indeed an Elder Scrolls MMO.

However, Bethesda's Peter Hines has yet to formally confirm that the project is set in the Elder Scrolls universe. All he confirmed was that ZeniMax Online exists, and that Bethesda has poured $300 Million into its first project.

So, however likely it would seem when you consider the circumstances (such as Interplay owning the Fallout MMO rights, and the recent purchasing of, it IS of note to remind everyone that there has yet to be an official confirmation regarding any Elder Scrolls MMO.

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sovietsoldier4057d ago

would be nice if it was true. multi player would have made elder scrolls better.

Sarkamen4057d ago

if the combat was similar to oblivion, then it would be an mmo to destroy the competition in my opinion. IT would be freaking awesome....