100 games you must play before you die – Part One writes: "With so many games out there, sometimes it’s hard to know which to play first. Luckily for you, though, the crew here at Capsule have played our fair share of games and are here to help you. For the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out the list of 100 games you must play before you die. Whether it be for the graphics, story, narrative, or the impact that specific game had on the overall industry or players, these 100 games should be put on every gamer’s list."

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vishant1012538d ago

it opened with angry birds srsly i don't mind including it but why did it have to open with it

Capsules2538d ago

Come now, we said that that list wasn't in order from 1st to 100, and it is the one of the most popular, well known games of today. Everybody should try it. It just happened to be the first to come up in our endless email. Nothing against you, I assure you. :D

egidem2538d ago

Total FAIL with an opening that includes the most over-hyped and overrated game: Angry Birds.

Solid_Snake-2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

good list but why angry bird......

nopunctuation2538d ago

Demon Souls made the list. Such a great game.

BitbyDeath2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Good list, not sure about having 1, 8, 9 & 10 on it though.
But otherwise a good start.

I hope you put a in a lot of retro titles like Wacky Races, Doom 2, Bubble Bobble or Theme Park and not just late 90's >.

Capsules2538d ago

We are going for games that made history, not games that everybody will enjoy. That being said, we included a lot of classic games and games from all genres. Thanks for the compliment

SuicideShaun2538d ago

"Games that make history" "angry birds"


Legion2538d ago

So you say the list is good and yet you don't agree with 40% of the games on the first list? Low standards?

Capsules2538d ago

When did I say 40%? What the heck you on about? Why don't you write your own list of 100 games and then we'll compare who did a better job. I will not apologize for sharing an article that many friends of mine wrote.

Legion2538d ago

If you notice I was replying to BitbyDeath. Just because your reply to him happened to be before mine had no effect on my comment.

If I was replying to you then I would have hit your reply button. Get over yourself.

Bereaver2538d ago

I understand exactly what Legion is saying. If you work for capsulecomputers then I suggest they place you in a different department other than thinking. lol jk, you probably just read through it too fast.

Anyway, Don't waste your bubbles next time.

BitbyDeath2538d ago

Yes, i generally have low expectations for these lists. The other titles deserve to be there.

I don't agree with a few but nobody ever does right

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Legion2538d ago

So basically... here are some random games (no order mind you) of games that we have played or heard of.

So I am suppossed to check back 9 more times to see the rest of this list? Try again...

RockmanII72538d ago

Aw cmon, I just got over my 'I need a new spyro game' phase I've been in for the past month and they remind me of Year of the Dragon. I just want a good spyro game, why can't activision deliver.

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