Gamers Unimpressed By Graphics In Resistance 3

It might be one of the biggest games of 2011, but has anyone noticed the widespread gamer opinion that the visuals are lacking...? Will this really hurt the game?

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coolbeans2271d ago

Going from HD vids, I personally have yet to find any part of Resistance 3 to be visually lacking in motion (which what you'll be in 95% of the game!). Seems like just another unnecessary facet to complain about when we should be happy to see the series meandering closer to it's FoM roots.

Nitrowolf22271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

I don't Understand. First off it's Beta Build. And also i don't see how this game looks bad at all. The story trailer they provide us look amazing, and the other beta footage of the other maps look amazing as well.

Tired2271d ago

If it's on par with the last one i'm more than happy!

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Cmpunk2271d ago

more proof that we need a new gen and even more proof that insomniac wasn't even worth a purchase from sony

rdgneoz32271d ago

/\ Proof of why you have 1 bubble.

EeJLP-2271d ago

There goes that 'FoM roots' BS again.... even though it only has like 2/50 gameplay elements in common.

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blackburn102271d ago

Sony exclusive. It must be scrutinized and attacked in every way. Just business as usual. You must take every tool you can find to discredit it before, when and after its launched.

nopunctuation2271d ago

Looks much better than R2 did. The fire didnt even glow in that game. Resistance 3 may not look like Uncharted or Killzone 2 but if they bring back the R1 magic, it wont matter.

ISKREEM2271d ago

Unfortunately, the sub-HD resolution is rather apparent when playing it first hand. However, the details in everything else as a whole seems to have been stepped up significantly, which I feel helps brings a much better visual experience than the previous Resistance games offered.

extermin8or2271d ago

Resistance 3 has looked amazing in everything I've seeen so far... not killzone standard or crysis but still.... and anyone who says COD looks better than resistance 3 needs an eye test lol That still sells well yet must have the worst graphics of any fps on the main consoles as of late :s

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