Insomniac Games Confirms 3DTV Bundle Change

Sony has apparently changed the 3DTV Bundle that was originally to include Resistance 3 as its benchmark 3D title included. Insomniac games has revealed the details via their Twitter account.

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ShadyDevil2510d ago

I am trying to decide if this is a good move or a bad one. It makes sense because I heard Motorstorm: Apocalypse in 3D is great, but I think Killzone 3 would have been a better sell.

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Thatguy-3102510d ago

Makes sense on why they would do that since basically they were giving away the game...Ohhh well I was siked just because I was going to be getting two things that I wanted for one affordable prize...though Im dissapointed it still isn't stopping me from getting the 3D display...If it wasn't for Uncharted 3 then I would of lost complete interest lol

jetlian2510d ago

is good and its more easier for parents vs a shooter

pain777pas2510d ago

Well Said and that is the plan.

Thatguy-3102510d ago

This really isn't aim for a younger audience you know and if so then they could have easily bundled it with LBP2 don't you think ? So that obviously isn't the plan.

VaeVictus2510d ago

Couldn't bundle LBP2 with a 3D tv as it is not a 3D game.

sikbeta2510d ago

MS:A is great, but heck, R3+3DTV is much more tempting...

nycredude2510d ago

If you haven't played motorstorm apacalypes yet the you have to get this. The game is awesome!

fullmetal2972510d ago

What parent is gonna buy he or her kid a 3DTV?

jetlian2510d ago

you not seen all pixar /disney 3d? 3d tvs cost 2-3 hundred more than a regular HDTv

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Blaze9292510d ago

why does Sony like to give games people likely already have? Resistance 3 was a much better, newer, choice.

Gray-Fox-Type02510d ago

i guess trying to increase sales lol. PSN pass gnna make this game sell poor.

TVippy2510d ago

Gotta boycott that game!

gamingdroid2510d ago

I'm sure this will make the R3 community even better. You can know get cozier with the fewer people playing. Surely that is a feature!

There is a reason why sequels sell over new IPs and by putting in an online pass, you are effectively hurting the ability to sell sequels in the future.

Hope the short term gain (if any) was worth it.

TVippy2510d ago

Pathetic as always, make a loud announcement on E3 and then quietly back out...

dgonza402510d ago

yeah its bs...
false advertsing for like 2 months lol

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Abash2510d ago

Nice, MotorStorm: Apocalypse got incredibly over looked so this should help sales. I hear it has impressive 3D too

newleaf2510d ago

not really sales if its free now is it?

sikbeta2510d ago

Don't know why the disagrees because it's true, you can count it as a sale, but they're giving the game for free bundled with the TV...

DatNJDom812510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

What about all those free 360 given away when u buy a comp? They are counted as units sold as sikbeta said. Oh wait since its Sony doing it its stupid. I keep forgetting how things actually work.

OT: I would have prefered Resistance 3 personally but I wouldn't mind giving MS: A a shot. Hey its free, right guys. LOL

Cmpunk2510d ago

thats like saying how microsoft sold 500k xbox's last month in amercia when most of them are free, but your right then. it's not counted as sales then isn't it

Blaze9292510d ago

Xbox's are free? When the heck did this happen O_O!?

Sevir042510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

When you purchased a window 7 pc for college from the ms store you got a 360 and your choice of gears forza or fable free

gamingdroid2510d ago

but see, Sony is selling their PS3 discounted with a laptop so that counts as a sale!

... and when Sony gives away a PS3 with their 3D TV, that is a sale too!

MOTY2510d ago

Sony was also giving away free PS3's if you signed on to a shared student smart phone plan at rogers.

So did that count as a sale?

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ISKREEM2510d ago

I'm suddenly less interested in the bundle now.

NBT912510d ago

No sale for me either, I will just see if there are any good stand alone 3DTV, possibly from other brands. Apocalypse is quite good, but I already have it and I just dont like the way Sony always do stuff like this >.>

AndyLunique2510d ago

I say go for it. They've used Motorstorm for 3D displays alot, Plus it may be better off to have a E10 game Vs. an Mature game in public displays. Its a good Social PR move on their part.
People who want resistance will buy resistance

Spenok2510d ago

So true. Though at the same time it may have some people avoid the bundle as a whole now because Resistance is taken out.

But as you said, this makes sense as a PR move.

Michael-Jackson2510d ago

It looks less interesting now.

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