How Catherine is Vital to the Future of Japanese Games

BT: If you’ve purchased Atlus’ latest title Catherine, give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve had a small part in helping turn the tide for the future of Japanese video games. This unique, niche game became the best selling title at launch for Atlus and has possibly helped grow the confidence of Japanese developers looking to expand outside of Asia. My thinking behind this isn’t so much about what happened, but what didn’t happen. Allow me to elaborate.

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TheKindRoost2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

indeed it's these kind of game that separate Japanese dev from western ones, I hope atlus doesn't succumb to the westernization BS that is taking over capcom, namco and squarenix.

limewax2541d ago

I just hope it doesn't become too important. I love Japanese games, but the cartoon style I cannot get into. There has been more of these style games from japan than the last two gens and I really lack Japanese games to play now. Literally have maybe 6-7 JRPG's and a couple of action/fighting games

Pozzle2541d ago

I don't think it's that there has been a massive boost in these types of games nowadays. I think they're just becoming more noticed and recognized. Back in the day, these types of games were all shoved together in the back of gaming magazines and completely forgotten about. It's nice to see them finally getting the recognition they deserve.

limewax2541d ago

That sounds more likely actually. I have to say Catherine is actually the first of this style of game to really grab my interest. I am purchasing but I think I will import to save the wait over in UK, and in all honesty, I don't think I could actually buy it from the local stores comfortably, with or without my partner on tow lol.

I think I just really want Lost Odyssey 2 is more my problem, and maybe a sequel to one of the tri-ace JRPG's from the early 360 days

Breadisgood2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I agree, Lost Odyssey was like a proper Final Fantasy game for me. Final Fantasy 13 was a massive disappointment.

I'm looking forward to Dark Souls as well, that game looks sweet.

TheRichterBelmont2540d ago

Amen to those that Mentioned Lost Odyssey, Truly a more obscure Gem which shouldn't have been. We need a sequel!

tiffac2541d ago

Bamco and SE deserves all the flack they are getting, this is what happens when you start alienating your fanbase and tries too hard to cater to the western market with western type games when their Japanese games are the ones that gamers wants to buy.

Capcom may have continued to release their Japanese games but they also did some strange moves that didn't sit well with gamers. Not to mention they freaking didn't take care of their top developers (Mikami and Inafune)

They should take a note from Atlus who continues to take care of their fanbase. More power to them along with Xseed, NISA and Level-5.

Alos882541d ago

This will be a first day purchase for me when it hits Europe.
I'm so glad it's been a huge success.

CrescentFang2541d ago

Oh geez... people just need to know about more niche Japanese games... My experiences from reading manga is: never judge the art style from the cover, you never know what you might pick up...

tiffac2541d ago

I think this is the first barrier that has grown on the gamers of today.

They look at the graphics first and since there is a difference in cultural taste, gamers tend to not try the game based on how it looks than on how it plays or how well the story is made.

Inception2541d ago

As fas as i loved Catherine, i do really pity peoples who only knew quality japanese games are just from SE, Capcom, Konami, or Namco and pretend that besides those company, Japan can't produce high quality games anymore! -_-

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