Formerly available on Xbox Live Indie Games, the ARKEDO SERIES will be coming to PSN soon thanks to Sanuk Games. Each game will cost $2.49 and will feature trophies.

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maniacmayhem2267d ago

Awesome, this is on the Xbox Indie games, these guys make good stuff.
I have Pixel and Jump. People claim to support the devs well now here's your chance ps3 guys. Get these games.

Freedom_Bear2266d ago

I shall support these guys and buy their games when they launch on the PS Store. I just love me some indie games! =D

SweatyFlorida2267d ago

Pixel looks interesting, will pick it up for when it comes out ^^

RockmanII72267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Pixel is an amazing game, it saddens me that I've heard nothing of Arkedo Series 4. It's seriously a must buy imo.

strange19862266d ago

Anyone know if these will be in HD, or will they be sold as Minis? The trophy support gives me hope that they'll be in HD.