QuakeCon 2011: OXCGN’s John Carmack Keynote Wrap-Up


"Few gaming events can compare to the atmosphere, vivacity and uniqueness of QuakeCon.

"Ever since the original event in 1996, id Software’s legendary John Carmack has opened the event with a speech that is far from charismatic; on the contrary, it’s an informative speech that educates attendees, developers and press alike.

"This year, OXCGN was on the scene and brings you a wrap-up straight from the BYOC."

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gaminoz2357d ago

Not sure about iD these days...not so excited about their latest stuff.

Otheros002357d ago

“It’s a shame that Microsoft and Sony don’t allow the use of keyboards.”

He must of been high while saying this. Sony does allow keyboards on the ps3. Unreal Tournament 3 uses it.

jozzah2357d ago

I guess means in all games