New images revealed for revised Playstation 3D Display bundle

Online retailer,, has revealed several new product images for the upcoming revised Playstation 3D Display bundle from Sony Computer Entertainment America.

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gameguidedog2267d ago

I saw some of this technology at E3 and tried to cover it, but it was mostly how the monitors would work (i.e. Viao chipsets etc)... overall tho the bundle concept will bring a lot of folks to the market for the 3D gaming in general, and of course it works as good as any 3D gaming ever has. The main issue or bottleneck in the past was that plasma or flatscreen monitors couldn't refresh at a high enough hertz to support the 3D glasses, but apparently now it's a wave of the :)

Hanif-8762267d ago

Dude, i really need to get me one of these

jneul2267d ago

i want one, gimme a link to amazon nooooow!!!

FlareDReborn2266d ago

wtf glasses sold separately? Didnt they say at E3 that they would bundle them with glasses..

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